Rosary Group

Rosary Group of Catholic Church of Urmia

Rosary group was established in 1987.

This group started with Sister Margarita’s invitation of families for a Rosary prayer session in praise of St Mary which was coincided with 2000th birthday of St Mary.

During that year, Rosary pray sessions continued once every two weeks with Bile study hosted in different households. Later, meeting were held at Catholic Church of Urmia, with Sister Margarita’s supervision and Mebil Issa as group leader.

Over the time due to migration, membership has fluctuated from seven members at the beginning, up to thirty six members.

Currently the Rosary prayer sessions are held twice a month at St Mary Catholic Church with Sister Rozita’s supervision.

Due to old age fatigue, Sister Margarita moved to her home country (Spain) in 2005.

She is missed and will always be remembered in our prayers.