A Human Rights Award for The Chaldean Archbishop Louis Sako


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The archbishop of Kirkuk for Chaldean was awarded the price of stephanus-Stiftung for the International Organization for Defending Human Rights Branch, Germany, on Saturday morning the 14th May in the hall of the University of San George W. Sankt Georgen in Frankfurt, Bishop Louis Sako, archbishop of Kirkuk to the Chaldeans for his defense of human rights of the Iraqi without exception, his articles and initiatives for the deployment of multi-culture of dialogue and peace.

In his speech, the archbishop emphasized the importance of Christian – Muslim dialogue in order to consolidate the coexistence and a culture of diversity and acceptance of others also called on all people of good will to intensify their efforts in order to promote peace and stability. He Called
Eastern Christians and the Iraqis in particular to play their pioneering role and not to succumb to pressure. The country is their country and they must find a Modus vivendi acceptable and comfortable to live together in peace, harmony and freedom.

After the food of love to all attendees of the clerics, politicians and
civil society activists concluded the celebration at the ecumenical prayer for peace.
Archbishop Sako was awarded the price of defensor fidei from
ItalyMilano in 2008 and the international price of Pax Christi in 2010.