St Thomas Feast

Celebration of the St Thomas disciple feast is one of the greatest feasts in the Church of the East. In other words St Thomas was the founder and the first patriarch of the Church of the East.

If we study the book of Martyrs of the East, it has written that while the Holy Spirit descended on the Jesus disciples, the majority of the disciples traveled to the different parts of the world to preach the Bible, but Thomas stayed in the Jerusalem. Meanwhile, the King of the India decided to build a palace for his kingdom; therefore he was looking for the architecture. Hence he sent his ambassadors to the Jerusalem to find some one for his project. The ambassadors met a man who told them; I do have a servant which is a skilled architecture. Afterward Thomas has been introduced to them. 

Thomas understood that he is his Lord and Master. First he refused to accept the offer and travel to the India, because the India’s name meaning the end of the world. Nevertheless his lord ordered him to go and said to him:”at this moment you have to preach the bible in that region. Consequently he was sold by 20 coins to the Indian client .And also the man told him: your Master was sold by 30 coins. Are you more valuable than him? Thomas honored the order and started his journey to the India.

During his journey to the India he stopped in the Mesopotamia and Persia, and became a preacher and forerunner of the Jesus doctrines. Later on he asked one of his pupils by the name of Adday to continue preaching the Bible in these regions.  Thomas passed through several lands but he never stops his preaching the Bible. A lot of the people converted to the Christianity faith and they have been baptized by him.

Thomas arrived to the India and continued his preaching there. However, the king and royal family were impressed by his preaching, and also they believed in our savior Jesus Christ and converted to the Christianity and they were baptized by him. Eventually the princes were incensed of his activities and issued an order to assassinate him .Thomas was martyred for the sake of the Christianity and his tomb is the shrine of the pilgrims.