July 15 is the memorial day of the St. Qoryaqos

and his mother Youleya

(Reference: The biography book  of the martyr and saints of the East ,volume # 3 page 254)

During the emperor of the Maximian there was oppression in his governing system. There was a Christian faith woman named Youleya in the Aqoneyeh (Today is called Konya of Turkey) who she fled to the Tarsus due to the persecutions and murders. However she was not able to conceal from the oppressor Governor and she was detained. During the trail in the presence of the Governor she responded to his questions as such: What is your name? She said: I am Christian. The question has been repeated three times and her response was I am Christian. Finally she said if you are asking what is my mortal name, it is Youleya, from a decent family of Aqoneyeh .

 The Governor requested her to make a contribution a slaughtered animal for their gods and idols, but she said: you are worshiping the gods which are idols, deaf and dumb.  After searching he found out that she has a child and is concealed some where. He thought by arresting him she might be betray the Christianity and converted to their belief and religious faith. They found the child. He was an innocent boy and was not more than three years old. The Governor said: you are a good-looking boy. Greeting and salute to you.  The boy said salute is always with me and is not with you.

The Governor was irritated and said: I know you have appropriate answer for each question. What is your name? He said: I am a Christian, if you are looking for my mortal name; that is Qoryaqos. In order to convince the boy the Governor said to him; if you worship my god and make a contribution slaughtered animal I will assign you to the highest rank in my monarchy. Qoryaqos replied to him, by having gold and treasures you are buying the hell but I will not leave my lord Jesus Christ and he will provide me a place in the paradise. The Governor said: who taught you these words? Is your parents taught you or someone else? The boy said: you are the Governor and king you don’t know where I learned; is it interesting asking from 3 years old these questions. The Holy Spirit is talking on behalf of me, which the audience takes a lesson and you are disgraced.

The Governor was irritated and orders the soldiers to torture him. During the torture he was praying and was talking to the Jesus Christ” my lord Jesus you are my God and savior. The soldier heard his pray and stopped torturing him and took him back to the Governor. The Governor saw the tortured boy is healed and was surprised. Later he ordered to bring his mother to him and told her: your son betrayed the Jesus Christ and donated a slaughtered animal to our gods. Youleya said: I don’t believe it, unless I must hear from the mouth of my child.

When she saw his son she looked at sky and said: thank you God my son is still alive then she asked his son who do worship? He said our God and savior Jesus Christ, the Governor was so fury and said: you are condemned to the death very soon .Qoryaqos said: this world is not everlasting and will end to the hell. Jesus Christ will guide us to the paradise. Once more the Governor ordered they should drink salt and vinegar and tortures them again worst than before. He asked to supply 14 hot skewers; 7 pieces for each one. Two skewers put in their eyes, two in their mouths, two in their backs, and one in their chest. It was the miracle of God, which they were not hurt at all. Mother and son praised the God and they were sent to the prison. The Governor found that the torture is not working and they are not betraying Jesus, finally he ordered to behead them on July 15 and both were martyr for the sake Christianity and they were awarded the Martyr Crowns