Alabama Aaren Rudolph (Black Aquaman) Wiki, Age, Parents, Height, Girlfriend & More

Aaren Rudolph


Real NameAaren Rudolph.
AkaBlack Aquaman.
Dock worker.
Birth Date2007.
Birth PlaceAlabama.
ParentsFather: Can't disclose
Mother: Can't disclose.
We know his parents' identity but can't share it.
SiblingsThree Brothers.
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Love Life
Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 5' 9".
In centimeters: 175 cm.
In meters: 1.75 m.
WeightKg: 59.
Pounds: 130 lbs.
HairDark Brown.


Black Aquaman Aaren Rudolph

All About Black Aquaman Aaren Rudolph

Aaren Rudolph (age 16, born in 2007) is a teenager from Alabama who recently gained significant social media attention as the “Black Aquaman.”

So, there was a situation by a river in Montgomery, and a black security guard was having a tough time dealing with some white folks. Aaren saw this happening and decided to help.

He didn’t have any superpowers like Aquaman, but he did something pretty similar – he swam across the river to support the security guard. This got people calling him the “Black Aquaman” because Aquaman is a superhero who’s amazing in the water.

Aaren’s intervention was captured on video, where he was seen swimming across the river to support the security guard during the intense clash.

This altercation involved black staff members from a cruise and white owners of pleasure boats. There’s a video where you can see a black guy hitting a white guy with a chair to save his crew members

One of the white suspects in the altercation has been identified as Chase Shipman, the proprietor of Vasser’s Mini Mart located in Selma, Alabama.



Aaren Rudolph swim across the river

How the Fight at Montgomery, Alabama Riverfront Began

It’s around 7 p.m. on a Saturday in Montgomery, Alabama. There’s a place called Coosa Street where something upsetting is happening. The police get a call about a big argument, and when they get there, they see a lot of people fighting.

Though we don’t know for sure why it happened, there are videos on the internet that give us an idea. These videos suggest that a disagreement started between some white people on a boat and a black worker. This happened because the boat blocked a bigger boat from docking at Riverfront Park.

Someone who saw what happened posted a video online. They said that white men on the boat hurt a black man. This black man works at Riverfront Park and takes care of the docks.



What the Videos Show

In the videos, you can see the black worker arguing with one of the white guys on the boat. Another white guy with no shirt on rushes at the worker and hits him in the face.

After the worker throws his hat in the air, he and the shirtless white guy start fighting, as shown in a video shared by Josh Moon, who writes for the Alabama Political Reporter.

Then, a bunch of other white guys with no shirts on join in and start hitting the black man while he’s on the dock, according to the video.

In the videos, you can hear people on the riverboat yelling to help the black man. Some folks on the shore, both white and black, come over to help and protect the black man from the people attacking him.

Aquaman Aaren Rudolph Wikipedia

During all this, a 16-year-old named Aaren did something really brave. He jumped off the riverboat and swam to the dock to help the black man. Aaren later said he did it because he was taught to help in situations like this.

After the first fight calmed down, more videos show a group of black guys without shirts on talking to the white guys on the boat that caused the trouble.

As they got closer to the boat, another fight started between the white and black people on the dock. This fight went on for more than a minute, and one person even got punched off the dock and into the water.

In one video, a black guy hit a white woman on the head with a folding chair. The police eventually came to stop the second fight, which was mostly between white and black people.



Aaren Rudolph in Gym

Aaren Rudolph Parents, Siblings & Education

Aaren Rudolph was born in 2007 in Alabama. He is a member of the crew on the Harriet II riverboat. At the same time, we know the name of his parents but cannot disclose their details due to security reasons.

Aaren’s spokesperson, Makina Lashea, called him a special young hero. She praised his brave and caring actions, saying they were truly impressive.


Aaren Rudolph Parents statement

The statement said that even when things were tough, Aaren didn’t hesitate to help a coworker. His courage amazed everyone because he’s so young. His actions make us all really proud and show us what values are important.

Aaren’s parents, the publicist team, and his bigger family want to say a big thank you to everyone who supported him. They noticed all the kind messages and things people did for Aaren and his family, and it meant a lot to them.



Alabama Aaren Rudolph

Aaren Rudolph is available on Instagram

You can find Aaren Rudolph on Instagram. If you want to thank him for being brave and helping in a tough situation, you can do it directly on his Instagram page. His username is @luxurious__dice.

He has about 26 thousand followers on his account, and this number keeps changing because more and more people are following him after his brave video became popular on social media.


Aaren Rudolph Childhood


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Aaren Rudolph FAQs

Ques: What is Aaren Rudolph’ age?

Ans: He is 16 years old.

Ques: Who represents Aaren Rudolph’s family?

Ans: Makina Lashea.

Ques: Why is Aaren Rudolph gaining attention?

Ans: Aaren is gaining attention for his brave act of helping a security guard during a fight.

Ques: Is Aaren Rudolph a professional swimmer?

Ans: Yes, he swims like a pro.