Unsolved Mystery: Abby Choi Body Parts Still Missing, Investigation Points to Landfill

Abby Choi Body Parts Still Missing Investigation Points to Landfill

Abby Choi (Cai Tianfeng), a 28 years old Hong Kong Model and socialist, was reportedly murdered, and her ex-husband’s family is suspected to be involved. The case took a disturbing turn when her head was found on the 26th of last month, but her body, hands, and other body parts are still missing.

Law enforcement officers conducted an investigation and checked the closed-circuit television, which revealed that someone dumped several bags of garbage in the garbage bin at the entrance of Lung Mei Village, Tai Po, on the morning of the 22nd, where the crime was committed.

It is believed that the remains of the deceased, clothing and mobile phones were among the garbage transported to the landfill district.

Officers searching Abby Choi Bones
Officers searching Abby Choi’s Bones

After questioning the garbage truck’s driver, law enforcement officers located the Daguling landfill on Wojingshan Road, Fanling. Many people in white protective clothing arrived at the landfill on the 28th to begin the search, which is expected to take two to three days.

The search area is about the size of a standard football field, and the excavation depth is about 3 to 5 meters, involving about 1,000 tons of waste disposed of on the relevant days.

While searching, Officers found bones in the garbage dump, but it has not yet been determined whether they belong to animals or humans.

Abby Choi Body Parts Still Missing

The search operation for the remaining of Abby Choi’s body was temporarily suspended around 5:00 PM, and no relevant findings were reported. The search operation will continue from March 1. It is a tragic situation, and authorities are working tirelessly to find the missing body parts and bring Cai Tianfeng to justice.