Bonnie Lashay (Blueface’s Girlfriend) Wiki, Age, Height, Parents, Boyfriend, Songs & More

Bonnie Lashay
Quick Info
Real NameShanika Whitefield.
AkaBonnie Lashay.
Birth DateJanuary 27, 1997.
Birth PlaceCalifornia, United States.
Lives inSan Diego, CA, America.
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Love Life
Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 5' 4".
In centimeters: 162.5 cm.
In meters: 1.625 m.
WeightKg: 58.5.
Pounds: 129 lbs.
SongsThats My Daddy (2024).
BIG BAG (2023).
PY$p (2023).
Bad Girl (2021).
All Mine (2021).
Element (2020).


Blueface with girlfriend Bonnie Lashay

All About Rapper Blueface’s Girlfriend Bonnie Lashay

Bonnie Lashay (age 27, born on January 27, 1997) is not just known for her modeling skills but also as the girlfriend of the famous rapper Blueface, whose real name is Johnathan Porter. However, the recent talk about Bonnie and Blueface isn’t centered on their relationship. Instead, it’s about Blueface facing legal troubles once again.

Reports reveal that a judge in Las Vegas has issued a bench warrant for Blueface due to a probation violation. Court documents disclose that Clark County District Court Judge Kathleen Delaney has ordered Porter to turn himself in. Legal experts suggest that Johnathan might be facing a significant prison term because of this violation.

Amidst these legal challenges, Bonnie took to her Instagram to share a video. In the video, she proudly displays a tattoo of Porter’s face on her buttocks.



Rapper Blueface's Girlfriend Bonnie Lashay

Bonnie Lashay’s Boyfriend Blueface Violated Probation

Bonnie Lashay’s boyfriend, Blueface, is facing legal issues related to a recent probation violation. His attorney in Las Vegas, Kristina Wildeveld, explained that the problem arose from a cell phone video that surfaced after a performance in Salt Lake City last December.

The video shows Blueface pulling a woman onto the stage and instructing his fiancée to intervene, which could potentially lead to a physical altercation.

Kristina said Blueface is working with the police and plans to turn himself in once he’s done with things in California. Despite all this, he’s staying positive about his music career. Back in October in Las Vegas, Judge Delaney had warned him about dealing with guns.

For those who don’t know, on October 8, 2022, Blueface was in an incident where a man got hurt. The man said he got shot in the hand outside a club near the Las Vegas Strip.

The man recognized Blueface at the club and had talked to him earlier. He made a joke about Blueface talking to some girls while in a not-so-fancy car.

At first, Blueface was facing serious charges, but he made a deal, and now he’s just facing charges for hurting someone and shooting a gun. The judge told Blueface to pay more than $13 million to the club because of the shooting.


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Bonnie Lashay began her journey as a model

Bonnie Lashay Started As a Model

On January 27, 1987, Shanika Whitefield, aka Bonnie Lashay (age 27) was born in California, America. Currently, not much is known about Shanika’s early life. According to sources, Whitefield was only 19 when she came to Sand Diego with a dream of becoming a fashion model.

But after coming to the big city she realized that becoming part of the fashion world is not child’s play but she kept trying and landed a few modeling gigs which gave her career kick start.



Rapper Blueface's Girlfriend Bonnie Lashay

Stepping in the Music Industry

Bonnie Lashay stepped into the limelight when she crossed paths with Blueface. Sources reveal that Bonnie made her initial splash alongside Porter in the inaugural season of “Blue Girls Club,” which hit the airwaves in 2020.

Since her debut on “Blue Girls Club,” the relationship between Lashay and Blueface has evolved significantly. For those unaware, Porter is now engaged to Bonnie, a fact she confirmed through a post on Instagram.

In a turn of events, Lashay decided to embrace her beau’s profession—singing. Over the past few years, she has released several tracks, including “Element,” “Bad Girl,” “All Mine,” and “PY$p.” Most recently, she dropped the track “Thats My Daddy.”



Bonnie Lashay FAQs

Ques: How old is Bonnie Lashay?

Ans: Bonnie is 27.

Ques: When was Bonnie Lashay born?

Ans: January 27, 1997.

Ques: What is the real name of Bonnie Lashay?

Ans: Shanika Whitefield.

Ques: Is Bonnie Lashay still dating Blueface?

Ans: Yes.