Brian Meloche (Jennifer Crumbley’s Ex-Boyfriend) Wiki, Age, Wife, Girlfriend, Profession & More

Brian Meloche
Quick Info
Real NameBrian Meloche.
In NewsTestimony in court.
Birth Date1978.
Birth PlaceMichigan, United States.
Lives inDearborn, Michigan, America.
Love Life
Marital StatusMarried.
WifeName Unavailable.
Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 5' 11".
In centimeters: 180.3 cm.
In meters: 1.8 m.
Works AsFire Fighter - Dearburn Fire Department.

All About Jennifer Crumbley’s Boyfriend Brian Meloche

Brian Meloche (age 45, born in 1978) is a firefighter from Michigan. He has been in the spotlight due to his romantic relationship with Jennifer Crumbley, the mother of Ethan Crumbley, the Oxford school shooter. Interestingly, both Brian and Jennifer are married to other people.

According to reports, Jennifer and Meloche communicated regularly around the time of the tragic Oxford mass shooting. The conversations they had contained concerning details. Jennifer seemed to be aware of her son Ethan’s potential for violent behavior, including carrying out a mass shooting.

Despite this knowledge, she allegedly didn’t take any action to prevent such a horrific event. Records of their conversations also suggest that Jennifer left town after the shooting, supposedly to avoid legal repercussions. She later claimed that she was in hiding because she felt her safety was threatened by certain individuals.

Recently, Brian Meloche appeared in court to provide testimony, adding another layer to this ongoing saga. Stay tuned for more updates on Meloche and his relationship with Jennifer.




Brian Meloche is a firefighter

Meloche was Threatened By Police Before Testimony

Brian Meloche, a fire department captain, shared a surprising twist while on the witness stand in the ongoing courtroom drama. At first, he hinted that the police used his job security, benefits, and pension to pressure him into keeping information from Jennifer Crumbley. Later, he clarified that although he felt pressure, he was consistently urged to tell the truth.

During his testimony, Meloche confessed to hesitating in disclosing an extramarital affair, wanting to protect his family. On Wednesday, he revealed that Jennifer Crumbley had told him she could leave work to meet him, contradicting what she had earlier told school officials on the day of the shooting.

Despite concerns raised by school officials on the day of the shooting, Jennifer and James Crumbley chose to send their son back to class. Andrew Smith, the CEO of the real estate company where Jennifer worked, testified that she could have taken the day off or brought her son to work if needed.

Meloche’s testimony brought to light his conversations with Jennifer in the days around the tragic event. They regularly exchanged texts, both before and after the shooting. While Meloche didn’t foresee a shooting, he did express concern that Ethan Crumbley might pose a danger to himself.


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Brian Meloche in courtroom

Conversation Between Brian Meloche and Jennifer Crumbley

Brian Meloche and Jennifer Crumbley go way back to their school days, though romance wasn’t in the cards back then. Fast forward to 2021, and things took a complicated turn as they found themselves in an extramarital affair, both cheating on their partners. Their secret exchanges mainly happened through messaging apps.

In a critical twist, just before the tragic shooting, Jennifer and James Crumbley were called to the school for a meeting with counselors and the dean of students. In this tense moment, Jennifer messaged Meloche, sharing her fear that her son might do something dangerous. Meloche’s response got serious as he asked about the location of the gun.

Jennifer admitted it was in her vehicle, but Meloche insisted it shouldn’t be there. Their conversation continued after the shooting, with Jennifer expressing parental failure in one text. When she told Meloche the gun was missing, he advised her to contact the authorities, reassuring her that she wasn’t to blame.

As the legal drama unfolded, Jennifer confided in Meloche about news articles covering her and her husband’s charges. Meloche cautioned her not to completely trust media reports.

On December 2, Jennifer messaged Meloche about involuntary manslaughter charges, revealing that she and her husband were on the run, promising to keep him updated.

The next day, she informed Meloche that school officials didn’t see her son as a threat and allowed him to stay in school. On December 4, the police caught Jennifer and her husband James.



What Do We Know About Brian Meloche?

In 1978, Brian Meloche (age 45) was born in Michigan, United States. If sources are to be believed, Brian grew up in a Christian family in Dearborn where he completed schooling at a local school in 1996.

During high school, Meloche made the decision to pursue a career as a firefighter, and he diligently took the necessary steps to achieve that goal. Today, he proudly serves as a fire captain in the Dearborn Fire Department.

As mentioned earlier, he is a married man, but details about his wife and children remain undisclosed. The revelation of his extramarital affair with Jennifer Crumbley has undoubtedly rocked the foundation of his marriage.

Unfortunately, there’s limited information available to confirm the current state of his married life compared to before this revelation.



Brian Meloche FAQs

Ques: How old is Brian Meloche?

Ans: Brian is 45.

Ques: Is Brian Meloche married?

Ans: Yes.

Ques: At which fire department does Brian Meloche work?

Ans: Dearborn Fire Department.