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BTB Savage


Real NameDarrell Gentry.
AkaBTB Savage.
In HeadlinesShot Dead.
Age26 years old.
Birth Date1996.
Birth PlaceCleveland, Ohio.
Death DateMarch 30, 2023.
Love Life
GirlfriendName not disclosed.
KidsOne Son.
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Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 5' 11".
In centimeters: 180 cm.
In meters: 1.8 m.
WeightKg: 68.
Pounds: 149 lbs.
SchoolChurchill High School.
Net WorthUSD 1.57 Million.

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San Antonio Rapper BTB Savage Wiki | Bio

Darrell Gentry (death age: 26, 1996 -2023), also known as BTB Savage, was an up-and-coming rapper and musician from San Antonio who was tragically shot and killed in Houston on March 30, 2023. The Houston police chief has confirmed that this was a targeted attack.

On the day of his death, Savage posted two selfies on social media showing him standing in the middle of a bloody crime scene. The shooting took place at about 6 p.m. on Mid Lane near River Oaks. Two men in all black and in a vehicle boxed the victim’s car in, fired upon him, and then took off. Darrell died at the scene, leaving behind a 4-year-old son.

BTB had recently gained notoriety for his interview on the popular YouTube channel VLAD TV, where he described a self-defense shooting that took place in his San Antonio apartment.

In the interview, he recounted the harrowing incident where he and his girlfriend fought off a man who was attempting to rob them. Gentry showed no mercy, telling the suspect that he didn’t care about him and that he was going to die. Despite concerns about retaliation, he remained resolute that he would take action if necessary.

BTB Savage’s parents were notified about his death, and the Houston Police Department is currently investigating the case. The loss of Darrell Gentry is a tragedy, and our hearts go out to his family, friends, and fans. May he rest in peace.


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BTB Savage Girlfriend & Relationship Life

BTB Savage was known not only for his music career but also for his family life. He was in a committed relationship with a brave girlfriend for over four years, and the couple even had a child together.

While Savage did not reveal his girlfriend’s name in the interview, he referred to her as a “true gangster” and praised her for her quick thinking during the dangerous situation.

In a recent interview, BTB recounted a terrifying incident where he and his girlfriend were the robbery victims. During the altercation, Savage’s girlfriend showed courage and bravery by shooting at the intruder, ultimately saving their lives.

However, it was reported that she accidentally shot Savage’s arm in the process, causing him to suffer a broken arm.

Despite the incident, he continued to be grateful for his girlfriend’s bravery and their family’s safety. While his girlfriend’s real identity remains unknown to the public and media, it is clear that she played an essential role in Savage’s life and the protection of their family.


BTB Savage Net Worth

BTB Savage Early Life & Parents

Darrell Gentry, aka BTB Savage, a talented musician, was born in 1996 in Cleveland, Ohio. Despite his musical inclinations, he spent most of his formative years playing basketball in school and never pursued a career in music.

However, after relocating to Texas and graduating from Churchill High School in San Antonio, BTB began to consider music as a career seriously. Unfortunately, he lacked the necessary resources to pursue his passion. In an effort to improve his financial situation, he enlisted in the military, but the compensation was not sufficient.

While serving overseas, Savage was arrested for fraud. Despite making restitution, he faced a period of incarceration before being allowed to return to Fort Hood, Texas.

Despite this setback, He remained committed to his passion for music. He honed his craft, and his hard work paid off when he eventually made his mark in the music scene.


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BTB Savage Music Career

Savage’s music journey began during his time in the army when he decided to take rap seriously. Despite facing challenges such as lacking resources and frustration with finding unique beats, he remained dedicated to his passion and continued to work hard.

After connecting with DUVIN, his engineer and producer, they released their first music feature, “Marilyn Manson.” The song’s success motivated him to invest further in his music career and create his first single, “Break the Bank.”

With each release, BTB’s sound continued to improve, and he eventually dropped his first mixtape, where he met 3kin and formed a loyal team of producers such as Prod by Dee and Prod by DK.

His hard work and collaboration with talented producers have led to his continued success in the rap industry. His mixtape “Scam Party” featured the hit song “Scam Story,” which gained significant traction and reached 207k views.


BTB Savage FAQs

Ques: Who shot BTB Savage?

Ans:  The accused has not been arrested yet.

Ques: Was BTB Savage a father?

Ans: Yes, he had one son.

Ques: Who was BTB Savage’s girlfriend?

Ans: Savage never revealed his girlfriend’s name.

Ques: What is BTB Savage’s Net Worth?

Ans: USD 1.57 Million.