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Bubba Copeland
Quick Info
Real NameF.L. ''Bubba'' Copeland.
In NewsDied.
Birth DateMay 27, 1974.
Birth PlaceSmiths Station, Alabama, America.
Died Aged49.
Died OnNovember 3, 2023.
Cause of DeathSuicide.
Love Life
WifeAngela Simpson Copeland.
Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 5' 11".
In centimeters: 180.3 cm.
In meters: 1.8 m.
SchoolSmiths Station High School.
CollegeAuburn University.
Served AsSmiths Station Mayor.
OwnedThe Country Market.


Bubba Copeland wikipedia

All About Smiths Station Mayor Bubba Copeland

Bubba Copeland (age 49, May 27, 1974 – November 3, 2023) was a mayor and pastor from Alabama, who tragically took his own life on November 3, 2023. The circumstances surrounding his death have now become clearer, revealing a deeply personal struggle that took a toll on him.

It was revealed that Copeland had been privately expressing his true self by wearing women’s clothing and sharing photos online. This revelation surprised many, as it was his way of coping with the stress in his life.

The mayor had been dealing with the pressure of being the target of an online smear campaign. This revelation opens a window into Bubba Copeland’s life, shedding light on the man behind the mayor’s role and pastor’s duties and the struggles he faced in silence.

Copeland was a well-liked figure in his community, known for his kindness and dedication. He was an active member of the First Baptist Church and frequently addressed the congregation with inspiring sermons. Just two days before his passing, he bravely shared his personal torment.




Bubba Copeland used to dress as a woman

Who is Responsible For Bubba Copeland’s Death?

Smiths Station lost a beloved mayor, Bubba Copeland, on November 3, 2023, and his passing has left a deep sadness in the hearts of the community. But what led to his unexpected death is both shocking and distressing.

Here’s what happened: On that day, local police got a call asking them to check on Bubba Copeland’s well-being. What followed was a slow chase of the mayor’s car, which ended with Copeland stopping his car, getting out, and sadly taking his own life.

A sense of sorrow hangs over Smiths Station, and it seems that media intrusion might have played a role in this tragedy. It has been revealed that a news outlet called 1819 News crossed some boundaries by digging into Bubba’s personal life.

On November 1, 2023, they published an article that revealed that Copeland had an online identity as “Brittini Blaire Summerlin,” where he expressed himself as a transgender woman. The article even included private photos from his social media accounts, showing how he used this identity to cope with stress.

The heartbreaking part is that Bubba Copeland had asked 1819 News to respect his privacy and not reveal his personal life. Despite his plea, they went ahead with the article, which led to people mocking and judging him.


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Bubba Copeland with his wife and son

Bubba Copeland’s Married Life 

Bubba Copeland, whose life ended tragically, was more than just a mayor; he was a devoted family man. His love story with Angela Simpson Copeland, a dedicated teacher at Russell County High School, began in 2018 when the two tied the knot.

Together, they built a beautiful family, raising three amazing children – a son and two daughters. Their life was undoubtedly a whirlwind, juggling the demands of their careers and family responsibilities.

However, their bond was a testament to understanding, support, and unwavering love. Through the toughest of times, Bubba and Angela stood by each other, proving that their commitment was unshakeable.



Bubba Copeland was also a pastor

Bubba Copeland Family Background

On May 27, 1974 Bubba Copeland (died aged 49) was born into the Christian embrace of a loving family in the heart of Alabama, United States. As fate would have it, this humble beginning would set the stage for an extraordinary life. Growing up in the close-knit community of Smiths Station, Bubba Copeland’s roots ran deep.

He attended Smiths Station High School, where he began his educational journey, laying the foundation for what would become an illustrious path. Upon completing his high school education, Bubba embarked on a new chapter at Auburn University, where he pursued a degree in hotel and restaurant management.

With a penchant for service and a dedication to excellence, he honed his skills and set the stage for a future filled with accomplishment. Our sources reveal a remarkable facet of Bubba’s life – his 11-year tenure on the Lee County Board of Education. During this time, he contributed to the betterment of his community and solidified his commitment to public service.


Bubba Copeland with President Donald Trump

In 2016, Bubba Copeland’s journey took an exciting turn as he threw his hat into the political arena. Running for mayor in the Smiths Station elections, he secured a resounding victory, catapulting him into the position of mayor.

But his accomplishments didn’t end there; Bubba also owned The Country Market in Salem, further demonstrating his dedication to his community’s well-being. Beyond his civic responsibilities and entrepreneurial pursuits, Bubba was a devoted Baptist, finding solace and strength at the First Baptist Church.


Bubba Copeland FAQs

Ques: How old was Bubba Copeland?

Ans: Bubba was 49 years old.

Ques: Who is Bubba Copeland’s wife?

Ans: Angela Simpson Copeland.

Ques: Which college did Bubba Copeland attend?

Ans: Auburn University.