Chad Franke (Ruby Franke’s Son) Wiki, Age, Parents, Siblings, Girlfriend and More

Chad Franke


Real NameChad Franke.
Birth DateFebruary 2, 2005.
Birth PlaceSeattle, Washington, United States.
Lives AtSpringville, Utah, America.
ParentsFather: Kevin Franke.
Mother: Ruby Franke.
Love Life
Ex-girlfriendKesley Leroy.
Body Measurements
WeightKg: 70.2.
Pounds: 154.7 lbs.
HeightIn feet: 5' 10".
In centimeters: 177.8 cm.
In meters: 1.778 m.
SchoolSpringville High School.


Chad Franke with Ruby Franke

All About Ruby Franke’s Son Chad Franke

Chad Franke (age: 18, born February 2, 2005) is an internet personality who became famous after his mom, Ruby Franke, started a YouTube channel, “8 Passengers,” in 2015. Ruby created the YT channel to showcase how she handles life with her six children and husband.

During videos, she tried teaching people various techniques to deal with kids, but people found those techniques wrong and harmful to children. Despite all this, the channel kept growing, and within a few years, it reached the 2 million milestone.

Eventually, the Franke family stopped posting anything on the channel due to thousands of complaints people filed with CPS. In 2023, Chad’s mom, Ruby, and her partner, Jodi Hildebrandt, after the Police learned that Ruby kept her kids hungry and in a dire state at Hildebrandt’s home.

According to reports, law enforcers learned about Mrs. Franke’s wrongdoing after her son escaped from the home and knocked at the neighbor’s door asking for food and water. Neighbors were shocked to see the malnourished child with duct tape on its wounds.



Chad Franke with parents and siblings

Chad suffered a terrible childhood

On February 2, 2005, Chad Franke (age 18) was born to his father, Kevin Franke, and mother, Ruby Franke, in Seattle, Washington, America. He is the younger brother of Shari Franke and the elder brother of Abby, Julie, Russell, and Eve.

According to sources, Chad spent very little time in Seattle, and his childhood happened in Springville, Utah, where he attended Springville High School.

If you have watched 8 Passengers videos, you might already know how roughly Ruby treated Chad and his siblings. She always used harsh techniques to discipline.


Chad Franke sister Shari Franke

Chad, who was quite naughty in childhood, also became prey to many such punishments, but the harshest one was when his mother made him sleep on the beanbag for seven months because he was pulling pranks on his brother Russell.

Shari Franke knew her mother’s behavior was wrong, and she tried to report against her several times. Once Shari turned 18, she moved out of the house and started living separately to avoid the toxicity that he mother was spreading.



Ruby Franke's Son Chad Franke

Chad was Part of 8 Passengers 

In 2015, the Franke family catapulted into the spotlight with their YouTube channel, “8Passengers.” This platform was Ruby’s canvas for sharing the everyday happenings of her husband and their six children, who go by the names Abby, Eve, Shari, Julie, Russell, and Chad.

However, as their channel gained notoriety, it became a focal point for criticism, particularly concerning Ruby and her husband, Kevin Franke‘s, approach to parenting.

One particularly contentious incident revolved around Ruby’s decision to leave her 6-year-old daughter without lunch when she forgot it at school, a decision she staunchly defended. This event triggered public outrage against the Franke family’s parenting practices.

Eventually, the mounting controversy led Kevin and Ruby to cease posting content on their channel, ultimately removing it from YouTube in 2023. At its removal, “8Passengers” boasted an impressive following of over 2.4 million subscribers.

In response to the allegations and the channel’s dissolution, Ruby Franke and Jodi Hildebrandt teamed up to create a new track, ConneXions. Their aim with ConneXions is to equip parents with valuable tools and insights to cultivate joy in their lives and relationships.



Chad Franke ex-girlfriend Kesley

Chad Franke’s Girlfriend and Love Life

Back in the days when Chad was active on social media, he used to appear quite often with a girl named Kesley Leroy. Due to the regular appearance of Kesley in Chad’s YT videos, there were rumors that they both were dating.

Later, the rumors proved right after Shari’s brother called Leroy “My Sweetheart” on one occasion. Both looked adorable together and due to Chad’s company, Kesley also became a social media star.

At present, Leroy is no longer with Chad. According to sources, she is dating a guy named Brock Mikesell.



Chad Franke FAQs

Ques: How old is Chad Franke?

Ans: 18.

Ques: What happened to Chad Franke’s Mother?

Ans: His mother, Ruby Franke, has been Arrested for Child Abuse

Ques: Is Chad Franke still dating Kesley Leroy?

Ans: No.

Ques: Where is Chad Franke Now?

Ans: Chad moved out of the house.