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Darren Benitez

Quick Info

Full NameClifford Darren Benitez.
Birth Date1966.
Death DateAugust 2023.
Death CauseNot Disclosed.
Birth PlaceHalawa, Hawaii.
Lived inMakaha Valley, Hawaii.
ParentsMother: Betty Ann Yray.
Father: --
Social media
Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 5' 10".
In centimeters: 177 cm.
In meters: 1.77 m.
HairDark Brown.
SchoolWaianae High School.


Hawaiian Singer Darren Benitez Enjoying Mango

All About Hawaiian Falsetto Singer Darren Benitez

Clifford Darren Benitez (age 57, 1966 – August 2023) was a highly regarded Hawaiian falsetto singer and accomplished vocalist known for his extraordinary musical abilities.

His notable breakthrough came with the release of his debut album, “Broken Hearts,” in 1995, which played a pivotal role in shaping his musical career. This achievement was further acknowledged when he received the prestigious Hoku Award for Most Promising Artist the following year.

Tragically, Darren’s promising journey was cut short at the age of 57. He had been slated to showcase his melodic falsetto voice at the Moonlight Mele event at the Bishop Museum on a Friday evening.



Hawaiian Singer Darren Benitez

Tragic Passing

According to local authorities, Clifford Darren Benitez was found dead in his apartment. The exact reason for his untimely death remained uncertain, with initial reports indicating an unattended death, leaving numerous questions unanswered.

A close friend revealed that their last conversation with him had occurred on an early Tuesday evening. Furthermore, a neighbor recounted observing individuals entering and exiting Darren’s apartment later that night, coinciding with the sound of his car departing the area.

In a series of unfortunate events, Darren’s vehicle was subsequently involved in a collision, and the car’s occupants fled from the scene. These incidents added an air of intrigue to his passing, prompting authorities to delve deeper into the circumstances.

Amid a somber atmosphere, the Honolulu medical examiner’s office conducted an autopsy to ascertain the cause and manner of Darren Benitez’s passing. However, officials aren’t releasing Benitez’s death cause.

However, as of that particular Friday night, the specifics surrounding his departure had not been publicly disclosed, leaving his admirers in a state of anticipation and poignant reflection.

Shannon Scott, a longtime friend, esteemed radio host, and DJ, conveyed his profound shock upon receiving news of Darren’s passing. Scott said he would greatly miss Darren’s radiant smile and captivating music.



Hawaiian Falsetto Singer Darren Benitez

Darren Benitez’s Musical Journey

Darren Benitez’s love for music began when he was a young boy, listening to his mom and uncle sing beautiful Hawaiian songs.

He was inspired by famous singers like Dennis Pavao, Ledward, and Nedward Ka’apana, who together were known as the “Hui O Hana.” Even though he loved music, he didn’t think he could be a singer himself.

But everything changed in 1986 when a neighbor told him he had a special voice for falsetto singing. Darren felt a little embarrassed at first, but he decided to follow his heart. He left his job driving a forklift and used his last paycheck to buy a guitar. This was the start of his exciting music career.


Hawaiian Singer Darren Benitez Died

Darren’s talent quickly became clear, and he became a popular singer of traditional Hawaiian music. In 1988, he won a music competition at a place called Jubilee Night Club.

This victory made him even more confident about being a performer. A year later, he got the chance to perform on a cruise ship, where he saw a wonderful singer named Uncle Johnny Lum Ho. Darren was amazed by Uncle Johnny’s voice and the graceful dancers who performed with him.

This experience led Darren to perform with Uncle Johnny at a famous event called the Merrie Monarch Festival in the 1990s. They continued to perform together, and Darren’s musical skills kept growing.

In 1995, Darren released his very first album, “Broken Hearts.” This was a big deal because it was his first time recording his music for people to listen to. The next year, he got an important award called the Na Hoku Hano Hano Award, which said he was a really promising artist.


Darren Benitez Wikipedia

Darren’s passion for music didn’t stop there. In 1998, he released another album called “Mother of the Sea,” and it got nominated for more Na Hoku Hano Hano awards.

He took a break from making music for about 10 years, but in 2023, he came back with a new album called “Dear Mama.”

Throughout his musical journey, Darren’s love for Hawaiian music has only grown stronger. He’s a shining example of someone who followed their dreams and shared their beautiful voice with the world.

Even though he’s no longer with us, his songs and his magical voice will always be a part of our hearts, reminding us of the joy and beauty of Hawaiian music.



Darren Benitez with mother Betty Ann Yray

Darren Benitez’s Parents, Siblings, and School

Darren Benitez was born in 1966 in a lovely place called Halawa, Hawaii. His mom’s name was Betty Ann Yray, and he had a dad too. He spent his early years in a beautiful valley called Makaha in Hawaii. He went to school at Waianae High School.

When Darren was a kid, he really liked listening to his mom and uncle singing. It made him fall in love with music. He had a sister Sheryl Sanchez McKeague, an uncle Stan Washington, and cousins, Laura Benitez Bloom, Darrell Bloom, Yolanda Bottomley, and Cloryssa Ann Richbow. He also had a special person in his family named Duane Kakakanui, who was very dear to him.

All these family members were important to Darren, and they helped shape his love for music. His Hawaiian roots and his family connections played a big role in his journey to becoming a musician.


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Darren Benitez FAQs

Ques: How did Darren Benitez die?

Ans: The cause of his death has not been disclosed by the police yet.

Ques: At what age did Darren Benitez die?

Ans: He died at the age of 57.

Ques: What is the name of Darren Benitez’s mother?

Ans: Betty Ann Yray.

Ques: Was Darren Benitez Married?

Ans: He had never disclosed and seemed to be alone.