St Mary Adolescence Group of Urmia Catholic Church is one of the oldest remaining active groups. It was established in 1986 by Sister Leav with the cooperation of a few members of the youth group at the Catholic Church of Urmia.

This groups’ objective is to educate the youth about the Christian teachings in order to help them with their spiritual growth between ages of 5-14 years old. 

All the members have to learn three major and twelve minor principals that must be followed.

The older and more experienced members have the option to go through three months of theory and one year of practical training courses to work as assistants and later become future leaders to continue to uphold the mission of the group.  

Any member who chooses to become a leader has to be an active and dedicated parishioner within the Catholic Church or be an active member of the group for many years.

The activities and the training secessions start every Friday from 1-4 O’clock at the Church, for a duration of nine months.

The main activities of the group consists of learning their mother language Aramaic, Christian teachings such as bible study, art work, sport activities, computer tutoring and practicing theatrical plays which will be presented at the end of the season, in which concludes all their efforts by a final one week retreat consisting of a beautiful ceremony presented to their parents and relatives.

The current organizer and the group mentor is Sister Rozita Bet Merza.