St Mary Mother of God

One of the Eastern Church’s mission from the beginning of Christianity is to¬†evangalize and establish churches all over the world. In the mean time preserving our Christian teachings and culture by using our mother language Aramaic has always been a great concern to Eastern Church leaders.

St Mary of Urmia Catholic church’s history has been eventful ever since it started with its first building block up to now. The importance of this establishment has always been deeply rooted in the faithful community’s daily life brought into light by the exquisite beauty of a heroic spirit that has been blessed by the Holy Spirit during its eventful history.

This church was named “St Mary The Mother of God” the only established church for Assyro-Chaldean Catholic Archdiocese of Urmia.

The history of the Catholic Church of Urmia is divided into four chapters:

-Building and demolition of the structure

-Initial efforts of rebuilding its structure

.Renovation of the structure in the mid of the twentieth century

-The latest renovation of the structure

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