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Erin Patterson


Real NameErin Patterson.
In NewsHosted a Party That Killed Three.
Birth Date1975.
Birth PlaceVictoria, Australia.
Lives inLeongatha, Victoria, Australia.
Love Life
Marital StatusDivorced.
Ex-husbandSimon Patterson.
KidsSam Patterson.
Hannah Patterson.
ParentsFather: ---
Mother: ---
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Body Measurements
WeightKg: 68.6.
Pounds: 151.2 lbs.
HeightIn feet: 5' 3".
In centimeters: 160.02 cm.
In meters: 1.6 m.
QualificationCollege Graduate.


poisonous mushroom woman Erin Patterson

All About Poisonous Mushroom Case Woman Erin Patterson 

Erin Patterson (age: 48, born in 1975) is an Australian woman living in Leongatha, Victoria. She is in the headlines these days because she serve d poisonous lunch to her relatives; three of the four people who ate the food died, and one is fighting for his life in hospital.

The one that lost their life includes Gail Patterson, her husband, Don Patterson, and her sister Heather Wilkinson. Heather’s husband, Ian, is currently in hospital. FYI, Gail is the mother of Erin’s ex-husband Simon Patterson, who suffered the same kind of food poisoning last year.


Ian and Heather Wilkinson
Ian and Heather Wilkinson

We also learned that Erin and her kids, who were also present at lunch, were safe and did not face symptoms of food poisoning. Netizens speculate that Erin knowingly mixed Death Dap mushrooms in the food.

Investigators are reviewing the incident; a food dehydrator found near the home is being examined at the forensic lab.



Poisoning Mushroom Case Woman Erin Patterson

Erin Patterson Poisonous Mushroom Lunch

On July 29, 2023, a tragic incident occurred during a lunch gathering, resulting in the unfortunate deaths of three elderly individuals.

The incident happened at Erin Patterson’s residence in Victoria, Australia. Authorities have raised concerns that the cause of death could be attributed to consuming toxic mushrooms.

The meal, which brought together Erin Patterson, her former in-laws Gail, Don Patterson, and Gail’s sister Heather Wilkinson and her husband Ian, had dire consequences.

Out of these individuals, four fell seriously ill due to the meal. Interestingly, Erin Patterson and her children exhibited no noticeable symptoms following the dinner on July 29.

However, Gail, Heather, and Don began to experience symptoms the following day. Law enforcement officials took immediate action by initiating an inquiry into the matter. The possibility of foul play has not been ruled out, prompting a thorough investigation.


Erin Patterson mushroom poisoning suspects

As part of the investigation, the police executed a search warrant at the premises and discovered a food dehydrator near the house.

This appliance has been taken into evidence for further examination. Additionally, authorities are conducting forensic tests on a food dehydrator located at a Gippsland tip in Victoria.

These tests aim to determine whether there is any connection between this device and the tragic deaths of the three individuals who consumed poisonous mushrooms during a family lunch in Leongatha.

The incident serves as a sad reminder of the importance of food safety and vigilance, particularly when consuming wild or unfamiliar foods.



Erin Patterson Wikipedia

Did Erin Patterson Intentionally Serve Death Cap Mushrooms?

The Death Cap Mushroom, known for its high toxicity, can be fatal if ingested. Allegedly, this poisonous mushroom was responsible for the unfortunate demise of Erin Patterson’s guests.

When pressed by journalists regarding the inclusion of mushrooms in the meal, she declined to comment.

Queries about the source of the mushrooms and the specific dishes served to her guests were met with silence.

At this point, investigators are uncertain whether she consumed the same meal. Furthermore, there is a lack of clarity about whether the mushrooms were present in the dish.



Erin Patterson husband simon Patterson

Erin Patterson’s Husband, Kids and Married Life

According to sources, Erin Patterson was married to Simon Patterson, whom she met in college. The duo tied the knot somewhere before 2006 and gave birth to a lovely son and a daughter.

It was all fine for the first few years, but eventually, differences were created between them, leading to their divorce. For the sake of their kids, Erin and Simon decided to maintain a friendship, so their marriage ended, but the company stayed strong.



Erin Patterson’s Parents and BackGround

In 1975 Erin Patterson (age 48) was born in Victoria, Australia. Not much is known about her family, although we learned that she spent most of her life in Leongatha, where she completed her schooling.

Unlike many people, Simon’s ex-wife stays away from social media. According to sources, after the incident in July 2023, Erin deactivated all her social media handles and tried staying away from any interviews.


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Erin Patterson FAQs

Ques: When did Erin Patterson take birth?

Ans: In 1975.

Ques: How many kids does Erin Patterson have?

Ans: Two.

Ques: Where does Erin Patterson live?

Ans: Leongatha, Victoria, Australia.

Ques: Is Erin Patterson present on Instagram?

Ans: She has deactivated her account.