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Graham Chase Robinson
Quick Info
Real NameGraham Chase Robinson.
Known asRobert De Niro's Former Assistant.
Birth DateFebruary 1982.
Birth PlaceFlorida, United States.
Lives inNew York, NY, America
Love Life
Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 5' 7".
In centimeters: 170.18 cm.
In meters: 1.7 m.
CollegeFlorida Southern College.
Worked AsPA.
Worked AtCanal Productions.


Robert De Niro's Former Assistant Graham Chase Robinson

All About Robert De Niro’s Former Assistant Graham Chase Robinson

Graham Chase Robinson (age 41, born in February 1982) is the former assistant of the “Raging Bull” actor Robert De Niro. It’s alleged that Chase, who used to be De Niro’s right-hand person, might have pulled off quite the heist with the actor’s company credit card.

It’s a tale of extravagance on the company’s dime, with alleged lavish shopping sprees and even a mega-mileage makeover, converting millions of Canal’s frequent-flier miles into her personal treasure trove. The plot twist? When the heat got too much to handle, she reportedly threw in the towel and resigned, but not without some legal fireworks on the horizon.

And here’s where things get even juicier! In a bold retaliation move, Chase decided to play her legal cards against De Niro. She pointed fingers and claimed that her boss gave her tasks that had absolutely nothing to do with her job description, like playing housekeeper by vacuuming his apartment and fixing up his clothes.

But that’s not all; she dropped a gender-based bombshell, alleging that she was paid less than her male colleagues because of, you guessed it, her gender. And if that’s not enough drama for you, she added that De Niro didn’t hold back on the disrespectful gender-based comments.



Graham Chase Robinson coming out of court

De Niro’s Lawsuit Against Graham Robinson

It’s a courtroom showdown that started four years ago. According to Robert De Niro’s company’s legal complaint, Robinson was accused of racking up thousands of dollars in personal expenses on the company’s American Express credit cards.

She was alleged to have converted millions of the frequent-flier miles belonging to Canal for her personal use and was said to have treated the production venture like her own personal bank for luxury purchases. Additionally, the lawsuit claimed that she spent a significant amount of her working hours binge-watching TV shows on Netflix.

The suit filed by Canal Productions contended that Robinson’s role required De Niro to have complete trust and confidence in her, believing that she would diligently carry out her responsibilities in the best interests of Canal, particularly in overseeing finances and other employees.

The lawsuit also noted that Robinson was generously compensated, receiving $175,000 in 2017 and a substantial increase to $300,000 in 2019. De Niro’s company’s legal action alleged that suspicions about Robinson’s honesty, integrity, work ethic, and motivation began to arise in early 2019.

Eventually, Robinson resigned in 2019, citing the concerns raised about her withholding information, potentially engaging in corporate sabotage, property theft, and her supposed lack of diligence, professionalism, and helpfulness as unfounded.


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Graham Chase Robinson wikipedia

Graham Sued De Niro For $12 Million

In retaliation, Graham Chase Robinson filed a $12 million lawsuit against Robert claiming that despite her meteoric rise, Mr. De Niro kept treating her like a glorified assistant, making her do chores that had absolutely nothing to do with her job, like tidying up his apartment and sewing his clothes.

What’s more, she alleged that she was getting a smaller paycheck than her male counterparts, all because of her gender. And if that wasn’t enough, the lawsuit dropped the bombshell that Mr. De Niro had a penchant for hurling gender-based insults, including calling her a “bitch” and a “brat.” But hold onto your seats, because there’s more to this juicy tale! The plot thickens with a spicy twist of retaliation.

It turns out, that the whole shebang revolves around a major clash between Robinson and Mr. De Niro’s then-girlfriend, Tiffany Chen. They were co-workers on a project in 2018 and 2019, working on an expensive townhouse on the Upper East Side for the couple.

But things got as hot as a Hollywood scandal when Ms. Chen suspected that Robinson had more than professional interests in Mr. De Niro. Cue major tension in the workplace!

When Robinson spilled the tea to Mr. De Niro about the situation, Chen decided to get even. She hit send on an email that stripped Robinson of her job responsibilities, including her role in the townhouse project.


Graham Chase Robinson net worth

What Do We Know Graham Robinson?

In February 1982, Graham Chase Robinson (age: 41 years) was born in Florida, America. According to her CV, her educational path led her through the halls of learning, completing her schooling in 2000 before setting her sights on higher education at Florida Southern College.

After securing her bachelor’s degree, she packed her bags and headed to the Golden State, California, for a spell. Then came the big move to the bustling streets of New York. It was in the heart of the Big Apple that Chase kick-started her career at the tender age of 25.

She climbed the ladder of success and ultimately found herself wearing the prestigious hat of Vice President of Production and Finance at none other than Canal Productions.

That’s a big deal in the world of showbiz! To add some Hollywood sparkle to her resume, she even had her name etched into the credits of four films alongside the iconic Robert De Niro.

You might have seen her name in the credits of “The Comedian,” “Silver Linings Playbook,” “Killer Elite,” and “Limitless.” While she’s often listed as “assistant: Mr. De Niro” in these movies, in “The Comedian,” she took on a different role, serving as Canal’s director of production.



Graham Chase Robinson FAQs

Ques: How old is Graham Chase Robinson?

Ans: Graham is 41.

Ques: Where does Graham Chase Robinson live?

Ans: New York, NY, America.

Ques: Is Graham Chase Robinson married?

Ans: No.