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Jeff Baugh


NameJeff Baugh.
ProfessionTraffic Reporter.
In HeadlinesDied.
Death Age81.
Death CauseLung Cancer.
Birth Date1981
Death DateJune 6, 2023.
ParentsFather: --
Mother: --
Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 5' 10".
In centimeters: 177cm.
In meters: 1.77 m.
WeightKg: 72.
Pounds: 152lbs.
Worked asAirborne Traffic Reporter.
Net WorthUSD 480.78 Thousand.


Jeff Baugh Wikipedia

Jeff Baugh: The Legendary Airborne Traffic Reporter

Jeff Baugh (age: 81, 1941 – June 6, 2003) was an iconic figure in the world of traffic reporting, known for his extensive career as an airborne traffic reporter in Los Angeles. He died at the age of 81 due to lung cancer.

With his calm demeanor, vast knowledge, and exceptional reporting skills, Baugh became a trusted voice for Southern California drivers, helping them navigate through challenging traffic situations, including SIG alerts, freeway tie-ups, and brush fires.

Baugh’s remarkable contributions to the field of traffic reporting and his passion for cars and racing have left a lasting impact on both the industry and the lives of countless listeners.



Traffic Reporter Jeff Baugh

Early Career and Recognition

Jeff Baugh’s journey as a traffic reporter began at KFI, where he honed his skills and established a solid foundation in broadcasting. He later joined KFWB as a reporter, further expanding his reach and expertise in traffic reporting.

Baugh’s exceptional work caught the attention of KNX News, and from 2008 to 2017, he graced the airwaves with his informative and engaging traffic updates. During his time at KNX, Baugh became widely recognized and respected by his colleagues and listeners alike.



LA Traffic Reporter Jeff Baugh

A Trusted Voice in Traffic Reporting

Baugh’s profound impact as a traffic reporter can be attributed to his comprehensive knowledge of the road system and his ability to paint vivid word pictures that guided drivers through challenging situations.

Rather than simply alerting drivers of traffic problems, Baugh went above and beyond by providing detailed explanations of the exact locations of incidents and offering alternative routes.

His language was captivating, instilling trust in his audience and empowering them to make informed decisions while on the road.



Traffic Reporter Jeff Baugh in Helicopter

Beyond the Airwaves

Jeff Baugh’s passion for cars extended beyond his career as a traffic reporter. He deeply loved NHRA drag racing, a sport that fueled his enthusiasm for fast cars and adrenaline-fueled competition.

Baugh’s connection to the automotive world further manifested in his co-authored book, “Stick With Us, and We’ll Get You There: How To Be Where You Want To Be On The Road And In Life.”

This book showcased Baugh’s expertise in traffic reporting and offered valuable insights on navigating life’s journey with determination and purpose.

In addition to his involvement in traffic reporting and racing, Jeff had diverse experiences that enriched his life. He served in the Marine Corps and fought bravely in the Vietnam War.

Furthermore, he had an unexpected connection to the music world, having DJ-ed at the legendary Studio 54 and sharing personal ties with renowned musician Rick James.

Baugh’s multifaceted life and diverse experiences made him a fascinating and inspiring individual, leaving an enduring legacy beyond traffic reporting.



Jeff Baugh with Rhonda Kramer

Jeff Baugh’s Wife and Family

While details about Jeff Baugh’s wife and family situation are unknown, it is clear that his influence was not limited to his professional endeavors.

Those who knew him personally can attest to his kindness, generosity, and unwavering commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others. His warm and generous nature was beyond airwaves, leaving a lasting impression on colleagues and friends.

During this challenging time, our thoughts go out to the loved ones of Jeff Baugh, whose loss is immeasurable. Although his family status is not publicly known, we can only hope he was surrounded by love and support from those close to him.



Jeff Baugh with Tom Bergeron

Fond Remembrances

Colleagues and friends remember Jeff Baugh as a warm, knowledgeable, and compassionate individual who left an indelible mark on their lives.

Ginny Harman, an actor, broadcaster, and a close friend of Baugh, described him as a calm and knowledgeable person who could skillfully navigate traffic and report on critical events such as fires and car chases.

Baugh’s ability to deliver accurate and practical information made him a beloved figure among listeners and colleagues.

Pete Demetriou, a fellow reporter, admired Baugh’s profound knowledge of the road system, highlighting his exceptional talent for providing descriptive explanations that guided drivers effectively.

Jennifer York, a traffic anchor for ‘LA’s Morning News,’ cherished Baugh’s friendship and described him as a comforting presence, always ready with a warm hug during challenging times.

These heartfelt testimonials are a testament to Jeff Baugh’s profound impact on the people around him.


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Highlights About Jeff Baugh

  • Exceptional Traffic Reporter: Jeff Baugh possessed remarkable skills as a traffic reporter, guiding drivers with precise information and an encyclopedic knowledge of the road system.
  • Versatile Career: Baugh showcased his versatility as a DJ at Studio 54, captivating audiences with his music selections and charisma.
  • Passion for Cars and NHRA Drag Racing: Alongside traffic reporting, Baugh had an infectious enthusiasm for cars and NHRA drag racing, inspiring others to appreciate automotive excellence.
  • Military Service: Baugh served in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War, adding depth to his character and shaping his perspective on life.
  • Lasting Cultural Impact: Baugh’s connections in the music industry and his beloved status in Los Angeles demonstrate his enduring legacy as a cultural icon.



Jeff Baugh FAQs

Ques: How did Jeff Baugh die?

Ans: Jeff Baugh passed away due to lung cancer.

Ques: What was Jeff Baugh’s profession?

Ans: Jeff Baugh was a renowned traffic reporter.

Ques: Did Jeff Baugh have other talents besides traffic reporting?

Ans: Yes, he was also a skilled DJ at Studio 54.

Ques: At what age did Jeff Baugh die?

Ans: Jeff passed away at the age of 81.