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Jessica Jessmon
Quick Info
Real NameJessica Jessmon.
Birth DateApril, 1989.
Birth PlaceWisconsin, United States.
Died Aged34.
Died OnFebruary 18, 2024.
Cause of DeathGunshot Wounds.
ParentsFather: Ken Jessmon.
Mother: ---
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Love Life
HusbandSedale Lacey-Robinson.
KidsMakyla Lacey-Robinson.
Major Lacey-Robinson.
CollegeMadison Area Technical College.
Milwaukee Area Technical College.
Work ExperienceCertified Pharmacy Technician - Walgreens (2007 - 2012).
Administrative Call-Center receptionist - Group Heath Cooperative (2016 - 2017).
Financial Analyst - Exact Sciences (2018 - 2019).


Jessica Jessmon died

All About Middleton Woman Jessica Jessmon

Jessica Jessmon (age 34, April 1989 – February 18, 2024) was a mother and a paralegal student from Middleton, Wisconsin, United States. She was involved in a tragic incident in which she allegedly shot her two children to death, wounded their father, and then took her own life.

According to reports from the Wisconsin State Journal, Jessmon shared custody of her two children, Makyla Lacey-Robinson (aged 8) and Major Lacey-Robinson (aged 5), with Sedale Lacey-Robinson.

Despite surviving gunshot wounds, Her partner now faces the immense grief of losing their children. Jessica had faced challenges in her life, including struggles with addiction and legal issues, which may have contributed to the tragic events.

Records show Jessica had previous encounters with the legal system, but it appeared she was attempting to improve her life.

According to her landlord, Jessica was perceived as a resilient individual working towards a better future. There were no apparent indications that she would resort to such drastic measures, leaving her acquaintances in shock and disbelief.



Jessica Jessmon's kids

Why did Jessica Jessmon shoot her children?

On the evening of February 18, 2024, in Middleton. Jessica Jessmon, a resident of Lakeview Village, reportedly fired shots at her children and partner inside her apartment. This incident unfolded around 7:40 p.m., while Officers Brittany Blankenship and Saygo Henderson were already on the scene, handling a different issue nearby.

The officers faced a difficult situation as they heard gunshots ring out. Shortly after, Jessmon’s partner, Lacey-Robinson, emerged from the apartment wounded. Acting swiftly, the officers spoke with Lacey-Robinson, trying to piece together what had happened inside.

Despite their efforts to communicate with Jessmon, who had barricaded herself with the children, tensions remained high. In response, the Dane County Tactical Response Team deployed a surveillance robot to enter the apartment. The footage revealed a heartbreaking sight Jessmon and her children were found unresponsive on the floor.




Jessica Jessmon and Sedale Lacey-Robinson

Jessica Jessmon Husband and Married Life 

According to their landlord, Shawna Tantillo, Jessmon, and Lacey became close neighbors and developed a strong bond. They often chatted multiple times a day, and their connection eventually turned romantic, forming a tight-knit support system. However, the story took a sad turn when loved ones revealed a shocking truth about Jessmon.

Despite being praised as a caring mother to her son, Major Lacey-Robinson, and daughter, Makyla Lacey-Robinson, Jessmon made a tragic decision that caught everyone off guard. The heartbreaking act of taking her own children’s lives has left the community in disbelief and sadness.


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Jessica Jessmon suffered from addiction

Jessica Jessmon Background

In April 1989, Jessica Jessmon (died aged 34) was born in Wisconsin, United States. Growing up in Wisconsin Jessica had a wonderful childhood. However, her teenage years were tough due to struggles with drug addiction and mental health problems, as revealed by her family.

Ken Jessmon, Jessica’s father, shared that their last meeting occurred in a jail, where she was dealing with her issues while trying to make positive changes. Despite the challenges, Jessmon was working towards a better future by taking online courses at Madison Area Technical College, aiming to become a paralegal with an expected graduation in May.

Unfortunately, Mr. Jessmon admitted to losing contact with his daughter a few years ago due to her struggles with drugs. He expressed concerns about Lacey-Robinson influencing Jessica negatively and lamented not having the opportunity to meet his grandchildren or Lacey-Robinson.

Court records highlight the troubled past of Jessica Jessmon and Lacey-Robinson, including previous arrests related to drug charges.

Their ongoing custody dispute was further complicated by Lacey-Robinson’s release from a four-year federal prison term for dealing heroin laced with fentanyl. The combination of legal issues and personal challenges paints a complex picture of the difficulties Jessica Jessmon faced throughout her life.



Jessica Jessmon FAQs

Ques: How old is Jessica Jessmon?

Ans: Jessica was 34.

Ques: Who were Jessica Jessmon’s kids?

Ans: Makyla Lacey-Robinson (aged 8) and Major Lacey-Robinson (aged 5).

Ques: What is the name of Jessica Jessmon’s husband?

Ans: Sedale Lacey-Robinson.