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Jill Talley


Real NameJillian Ann Talley.
ProfessionVoice Artist.
Birth DateDecember 19, 1962.
Birth PlaceChicago, Illinois, U.S.
Lives inLos Angeles, California, America.
ParentsFather: --
Mother: --
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Love Life
Marital StatusMarried.
HusbandTom Kenny.
KidsMack Kenny.
Nora Kenny.
Body Measurements
WeightKg: 54.3.
Pounds: 119.7 lbs.
HeightIn feet: 5' 4".
In centimeters: 163 cm.
In meters: 1.63 m.
SchoolKennedy High School.
TrainingImprov Institute.
The Second City.
TelevisionSour Grapes (1998).
The Ladies Man (2000).
The Smashing Pumpkins: 1991-2000 Greatest Hits Video Collection (2001).
Run Ronnie Run (2002).
SpongeBob SquarePants: Sponge Buddies (2002).
Spongebob Squarepants: Lost at Sea (2003).
Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd (2003).
David Cross: Let America Laugh (2003).
Comic Book: The Movie (2004).
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (2004).
Lil' Pimp (2005).
Sky High (2005).
Here Comes Peter Cottontail: The Movie (2005).
Little Miss Sunshine (2006).
Asterix and the Vikings (2006).
Barnyard (2006).
Grounds Zero (2006).
Elf Bowling the Movie: The Great North Pole Elf Strike (2006).
Happily N'Ever After (2006).
Sucker for Shelley (2007).
Little Tikes Land (2008).
Goldthwait Home Movies (2008).
World's Greatest Dad (2009).
SpongeBob SquarePants: Spongicus (2009).
Kiss Me Again (2010).
The Krill Is Gone (2010).
Trees (2011).
God Bless America (2011).
Chilly (2012).
2 Free iPod Nanos with Henry Winkler (2012).
All Stars (2014).
The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water (2015).
Carpool (2016).
The Loud House 360: Center of Chaos! (2018).
The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run (2020).
The Loud House Movie (2021).
MoviesThe Edge (1992–1993).
Ellen (1994).
What-a-Mess (1995).
Rocko's Modern Life (1995).
The John Larroquette Show (1996).
Mr. Show with Bob and David: Fantastic Newness (1996).
Seinfeld (1996–1997).
The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat (1995–1997).
The Drew Carey Show (1998).
Mr. Show with Bob and David (1995–1998).
Mr. Show and the Incredible, Fantastical News Report (1998).
I Am Weasel (1999).
Cow and Chicken (1998–1999).
Rocket Power (2000).
Rock 'n' Roll Dad (2000).
Tenacious D (2000).
Shin Megami Tensei Devil Children (2000–2001).
Johnny Bravo (2001).
The Ellen Show (2001).
Frasier (2001).
Late Friday (2002).
Gotta Kick It Up! (2002).
Next! (2002).
The Animatrix (2003).
Clifford's Puppy Days (2003).
The Animated Adventures of Bob & Doug McKenzie (2003).
Stripperella (2003–2004).
The Bernie Mac Show (2004).
What's New, Scooby-Doo? (2005).
Duck Dodgers (2004–2005).
Codename: Kids Next Door (2005).
The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (2004–2005).
Re-Animated (2006).
Plastic Man in 'Puddle Trouble' (2006).
All-Star American Destiny Trek (2006).
The Sarah Silverman Program. (2007).
Camp Lazlo! (2005–2007).
The Batman (2007).
Samantha Who? (2007).
The Adventures of Captain Cross Dresser (2008).
WordGirl (2007–2009).
Rex (2009).
The Mighty B! (2008–2009).
Svetlana (2010).
Sym-Bionic Titan (2010).
Outsourced (2010).
Pretend Time (2010).
Frog in a Suit (2011).
The Problem Solverz (2011).
Be Forever Now (2012).
Futurama (2012).
Clued-Less (2012).
Family Guy (2013).
Plastic Man (2012–2013).
Eagleheart (2014).
Good Morning Today (2014).
The Boondocks (2005–2014).
Fifi: Cat Therapist (2014).
Sketchy (2014).
Pillywags Mansion (2014).
Rick and Morty (2015).
W/Bob and David (2015).
The Loud House: Slice of Life (2016).
Hidden America with Jonah Ray (2016).
TripTank (2014–2016).
The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show (2016).
Uncle Grandpa (2016–2017).
The Loud House: Deuces Wild (2017).
Skylanders Academy (2016–2017).
The Loud House: 12 Days of Christmas (2017).
Corporate (2018).
Bobcat Goldthwait's Misfits & Monsters (2018).
Adventure Time (2012–2018).
Human Kind Of (2018).
Wacky Races (2017–2018).
Love, Death & Robots (2019).
Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling (2019).
The Powerpuff Girls (2016–2019).
Timon and Pumbaa at the Movies (2019).
Green Eggs and Ham (2019).
Scooby-Doo and Guess Who? (2020).
The Loud House: Speaking Sibling (2020).
The Loud House: Put a Sock in It (2020).
Robot Chicken (2018–2020).
Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2018–2020).
Tigtone (2019–2020).
The Casagrandes (2020).
Adventure Time: Distant Lands (2021).
American Dad! (2005–2021).
Nick Shorts Showcase (2021).
Apple & Onion (2021).
T.O.T.S. (2020–2022).
Craig of the Creek (2022).
Chicago Party Aunt (2021–2022).
Puppy Dog Pals (2017–2023).
Adventures in Wonder Park (2023).
Bread Barbershop (2020–2023).
Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years (2021–2023).
Spidey and His Amazing Friends (2022–2023).
SpongeBob SquarePants (1999–2023).
The Patrick Star Show (2021–2023).
The Loud House (2016–2023).
Net worth$937k.


Tom Kenny's Wife Jill Talley

All About Tom Kenny’s Wife Jill Talley

Jill Talley (age: 60, December 19, 1962) is an American actress and voice artist with experience working on over 140 movies and shows. She is better known for giving her voice to the beloved “SpongeBob” character Karen.

Talley, who also goes by as Tally, has also dubbed for many video game characters; some of her famous works in the gaming industry are “Final Fantasy X-2,” “Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits,” “Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops” and “Nickelodeon Kart Racers 3: Slime Speedway.”

These days Jill is under the spotlight because of a statement in which she clarified that her husband is not dating Ariana Grande. Jill Talley often finds herself amid rumors and speculations as a public figure.

This time it started when an Instagram post on The Cut led to confusion with a headline that read: “Is Ariana Grande Dating SpongeBob Now?” Jill promptly addressed the matter, stating,

“Hi, everyone, I’m married to Tom Kenny. He is not dating Ariana Grande. I don’t know if Ethan Slater is or isn’t dating Ariana Grande. However, they’re both adorable, and I totally ship it. Just wanted to set the record straight.”



Jill Talley in Mr. Show with Bob and David

Jill Talley’s Husband & Son

Jill is married to Daytime Emmy Award winner – Tom Kenny, who voiced the beloved animated character SpongeBob SquarePants. As per sources, Tally and Tom first met in 1992 while working on a comedy show titled “The Edge.”



In 1995 Talley again got to work with Tom, but this time, they worked on “Mr. Show with Bob and David” featuring David Cross and Bob Odenkirk.

A year after working together on “Mr. Show with Bob and David,” Jill and Kenny tied the knot. They have two kids: a son named Mack and a daughter named Nora.



Jill Talley Wikipedia

How Old is Jill Talley?

On December 19, 1962, Jill Talley (age 60) was born in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. Growing up in a catholic household, Talley enjoyed a wonderful childhood. She studied at Kennedy High School, where she developed the desire to become an artist.

As per sources, Talley was relatively young when she began attending a local theatre. By 1981, the year Jill graduated from high school, she was a fine-tuned actor and stage artist.

To polish her skills, she further attended various acting and improv classes. According to sources, this Chicago native performed longtime at The Second City and Improv Institute.




Jill Talley’s Career 

Talley’s career in acting took off at the illustrious Second City Main Stage in Chicago, where she had the opportunity to work alongside iconic comedians and actors like Chris Farley, Tim Meadows, Steve Carrell, and Amy Sedaris. 

Her career significantly boosted when she became a regular cast member of HBO’s critically-acclaimed and cult classic sketch show, “Mr. Show with Bob and David.” Her performances garnered praise from both critics and audiences, solidifying her position as a skilled performer.

Additionally, she appeared on FOX TV’s “The Edge,” starring opposite Jennifer Aniston, further showcasing her versatility as an actor. In addition to her television success, Jill Talley made her mark on the silver screen.


Jill Talley at event of SpongeBob SquarePants

She starred in various films, including “Run Ronnie Run” and “The Ladies Man.” Notably, she collaborated with her husband, Tom Kenny, on music videos for Smashing Pumpkins’ “Tonight Tonight” and Travis’ “Sing.”

One of Jill Talley’s most iconic contributions to entertainment is her work as the voice of Karen the Computer in the beloved animated series “SpongeBob SquarePants.”

Her impeccable voice-acting skills brought the character to life and endeared Karen to fans worldwide. Talley also lent her voice to other animated shows, such as “American Dad” and “Camp Lazlo.”



Jill Talley Q&A

Ques: When was Jill Talley born?

Ans: December 19, 1962.

Ques: What is Jill Talley’s age?

Ans: 60 (as of 2022).

Ques: How tall is Jill Talley?

Ans: 5′ 4″ (1.63 m).

Ques: What is Jill Talley’s Instagram username?

Ans: @the_real_jill_talley.


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