Joycelyn Wade (Nathan Wade Ex-wife) Wiki, Age, Parents, Kids & More

Joycelyn Wade
Quick Info
Real NameJoycelyn Mayfeld Wade.
Known AsNathan Wade's Estranged Wife.
ProfessionWine Consultant.
Birth DateJune 25, 1974.
Birth PlaceGeorgia, United States.
Lives inMarietta, Georgia, America.
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Facebook (Deactivated)
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Love Life
Marital StatusDivorced.
Ex-HusbandNathan Wade.
Nathan III.
Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 5' 4".
In centimeters: 162.5 cm.
In meters: 1.625 m.
QualificationsCollege Graduate.
Work ExperienceWine Consultant - Pure Vines Fresh Wines.


Joycelyn Wade with daughter Kaitlyn

All About Nathan Wade Ex-wife Joycelyn Wade

Joycelyn Wade (age: 49, born June 25, 1974) is a Nathan Wade Ex-wife, who unexpectedly finds herself in the middle of a heated controversy. She is the estranged wife of Nathan Wade, recently appointed as the special prosecutor in the Donald Trump case.

Recent reports have taken an astonishing turn, alleging a close relationship between Nathan and Fani Willis, the district attorney of Fulton County. What’s even more surprising is that Willis personally chose Nathan to lead the prosecution against Trump and 18 others.

Adding drama to the situation, Michael Roman, a former official from Trump’s 2020 campaign, has filed a sensational motion. According to Roman, Wade and Willis have been on vacations together, jet-setting to locations such as Florida, Napa Valley, and the Caribbean.

The motion raises eyebrows by suggesting that the funds for these trips were sourced from Nathan’s earnings as a prosecutor. This unfolding situation adds a layer of complexity to the legal proceedings, sparking concerns about potential conflicts of interest and the impartiality of those involved. Jocelyn Wade now faces the spotlight amid this controversial saga.



Nathan Wade Ex-wife Joycelyn Wade

Nathan Wade and Fani Willis Fooled the Legal System

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis faces scrutiny over her alleged romantic involvement with Nathan Wade, whom she appointed as the special prosecutor in the criminal racketeering case against former President Donald Trump in Georgia. Willis is leading the charge against Trump, accusing him of attempting to overturn the 2020 election results in the state.

Despite Trump’s denial of wrongdoing and a not guilty plea in the 41-count indictment, recent developments have raised eyebrows. Michael Roman, a former Trump campaign official and co-defendant in the case, has filed a court motion alleging an inappropriate relationship between Willis and Wade.

Roman, currently facing charges related to an alleged false-electors scheme, seeks to have the charges dismissed. The motion claims an improper, secret personal relationship, urging the disqualification of Willis and her staff from the case.

In a detailed 127-page motion, Roman alleges that Wade used funds from the Trump case for vacations with Willis, visiting destinations like Napa Valley, California, Florida, and the Caribbean. While hinting at possible cohabitation, the motion lacks concrete evidence.

The motion further contends that Willis and Wade have financially benefited from the prosecution, with reports indicating that Wade received $654,000 in legal fees for his involvement in the case.



Joycelyn is Asking For Spousal Support

Joycelyn and Nathan Wade enjoyed over 19 years together, raising their two children, Nathan Trey and Kaitlyn. Despite years of dating before tying the knot, the couple officially filed for divorce in 2021, living separately since then.

While the details of their divorce case have been private since February 2022, recent reports highlight a crucial development. Last month, Joycelyn filed a motion seeking financial assistance, revealing that despite Nathan earning over $650,000 in legal fees from the Trump case since 2022, she is facing financial hardships.

Joycelyn, who has been unemployed for 26 years as a dedicated stay-at-home mom, asserts that she lacks access to marital funds. The court filing discloses that Nathan used to deposit $700 bi-weekly into a joint account for household expenses.

However, according to Joycelyn, these funds are now being used for Nathan’s personal expenses, causing the joint account to go into overdraft. Faced with these financial challenges, Joycelyn is urgently requesting temporary spousal support and interim attorney fees.








Joycelyn Wade Family Background

Joycelyn Wade: Family Background and Professional Pursuits

Born on June 25, 1974, in Georgia, United States, Joycelyn Wade, at the age of 49, has a background shrouded in some mystery. While details about her family upbringing are scarce, there are claims that she spent her early years in a rural area of Atlanta.

In recent times, Joycelyn has gained attention due to her estranged husband Nathan Wade’s involvement with Fani Willis. This spotlight has prompted her to deactivate all her social media accounts, except for her professional Instagram, where she identifies herself as a wine consultant.

Interestingly, despite her professional profile stating her role as a wine consultant, a recent application for spousal support reveals that Joycelyn has not been employed for over two decades.



Joycelyn Wade FAQs

Ques: How old is Joycelyn Wade?

Ans: Joycelyn is 49.

Ques: How many kids does Joycelyn Wade have?

Ans: Two: Nathan Trey and Kaitlyn.

Ques: Who is Joycelyn Wade Ex-husband?

Ans: Joycelyn Wade.