Livv Cook (Josh Giddey’s Girlfriend) Wiki, Age, Parents, Profession & More

Livv Cook
Quick Info
Real NameLivv Cook.
Known asJosh Giddey's Ex-Girlfriend.
Birth DateMarch 8, 2008.
Birth PlaceCalifornia, United States.
Lives inNewport Harbor, California.
ParentsFather: Don Cook.
Mother: ---
SiblingsOne Brother.
Love Life
BoyfriendJosh Giddey.
Social Media
TikTok (Deactivated)
Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 5' 4".
In centimeters: 162.5 cm.
In meters: 1.625 m.
SchoolNewport Harbor High School.


Josh Giddey minor girlfriend Livv Cook

All About Josh Giddey’s Minor Girlfriend Livv Cook

Livv Cook (age 15, March 8, 2008), a junior high student from Newport Harbor, is at the center of a headline-grabbing scandal over her alleged relationship with basketball star Josh Giddy.

Brace yourselves for the unfolding drama, where Livv, still underage, is said to have shared more than just court-side moments with Giddey. As the NBA, notorious for its unwavering standards, prepares to confront the issue, the potential fallout for Giddey’s career is hanging in the balance.


Livv Cook once posted a TikTok clip claiming she is over 21

In a league that brooks no compromise on off-court conduct, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Online discussions are ablaze with differing opinions, as netizens split on their stance.

While some are swift to cast judgment on Giddey, others rally to his defense, suggesting Livv may have played a role in misrepresenting her own age to the basketball player. FYI, the news that Giddey is dating a minor was broken by an anonymous person on Twitter. 

Stay tuned for the inside scoop as we navigate the twists and turns of this high-stakes scandal that could reshape Giddey’s career.



Livv Cook with Josh Giddey

How did Livv Cook And Josh Giddey’s Relation Come to Light?

Hold onto your seats, hoops fans! The NBA is ablaze with controversy as Oklahoma City Thunder’s rising star, Josh Giddey, faces a career-threatening storm over scandalous pictures and videos with Livv Cook, an alleged underage girl.

The social media shockwave hit when Cook boldly shared explicit content, claiming a romantic entanglement with the basketball sensation. Initially leaked by an elusive source, these provocative images quickly went viral, raising serious questions about Giddey’s choices and the potential fallout for his professional trajectory.

Despite attempts to scrub the post, the damage was already done, catapulting Giddey into a precarious situation.

The NBA, renowned for its unpredictable standards, is now forced to grapple with the looming threat of potential statutory rape allegations—a line they cannot afford to overlook.



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Josh Giddey Girlfriend Livv Cook

Did Livv Cook Lie About Her Age to Giddey?

The Josh Giddey saga takes an unexpected turn as scrutiny intensifies over his alleged connection with a minor. However, a surprising revelation suggests Livv Cook, the center of the storm, may have misled Giddey about her age.

Intrigued? Here’s the lowdown. In true modern fashion, Cook was a fixture on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter before her relationship with Giddey hit the headlines. A crucial piece of evidence emerges from a TikTok clip where Cook confidently asserts she’s over 21.

This raises eyebrows, hinting at the possibility that she may have fed Giddey false information. The clip is no longer available as Cook deactivated her TikTok handle but we have the screenshot of the clip where you can see how she lied about her age.



Livv Cook wikipedia

Josh Giddey’s Alleged Encounter With Livv Cook

A recent report suggests that NBA sensation Josh Giddey, aged 21, had a brief encounter with an underage girl Livv Cook nearly two years ago, spending only a single night together.

Sources linked to Australian site Code Sports revealed that Giddey reportedly met the California teen at a nightclub in 2021, assuming she was 19 years old, as depicted in leaked social media pictures where they appeared shirtless side by side.

The nightclub in Oklahoma City, identified by The Post, maintains a strict policy allowing entry only to individuals over the age of 18, adding a layer of complexity to the situation.

Upon discovering the girl’s actual age the following day, purported sources speaking to Code Sports claim Giddey promptly ended any further involvement. In Oklahoma, the legal age of consent is 16, whereas in California, it stands at 18.

Giddey has not issued any official statement addressing the allegations or confirming the relationship with the unnamed girl. Leaked online videos depict Giddey conversing with an unidentified girl, stating, “What’s up my man? We’re at the front of the club, me and my girl, about to head back to mine.”

Evidence reviewed by The Post suggests the girl in question remains a high school student and would have been under 18 years old during the events in 2021. She has chosen to maintain her anonymity and has not publicly addressed the alleged relationship since its exposure.

Representatives for Giddey have refrained from commenting on the matter when approached on Friday. Nevertheless, both the Newport Beach Police Department in California and the NBA are conducting investigations regarding the accusations of an inappropriate relationship between Giddey and a minor.



Liv Cook family hires Lawyer Gloria Allred

Australian NBA star Josh Giddey’s controversy has taken a new twist with the involvement of powerhouse American attorney Gloria Allred.

Celebsweek revealed the latest development: Allred, known for her work in high-profile cases, has been enlisted by the family of Liv Cook at the center of the investigation into OKC star Josh Giddey. Authorities are investigating whether Giddey had an inappropriate relationship with an underage individual.

Allred’s impressive track record includes representing over 50 women in the Bill Cosby misconduct allegations and advocating for women who accused former Congressman Anthony Weiner of explicit messaging.

The investigation raises important unanswered questions, such as the girl’s age, the location of the alleged incidents, and the nature of their association.

While the investigation is expected to be thorough, the family has secured strong representation with Allred by their side.

In a statement, Allred confirmed her representation of the family but declined to offer further comments: “I confirm that I do represent the family, and we have no comment



Livv Cook Parents and Background

On March 8, 2008, Livv Cook (age 15) was born to her parents in California, United States. According to sources, her father’s name is Don Cook. While details about her early life remain elusive, what we do know is that she currently resides in Newport Harbor.

Newport Harbor High School is where Livv attends as a junior, offering us a sneak peek into her academic interests. A quick visit to the school’s website unveils Livv’s passion for math, with Geometry topping her list as a favorite class.

Beyond academics, Josh Giddey’s Minor Girlfriend Liv Cook is no stranger to sports, actively participating in volleyball.


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Livv Cook FAQs

Ques: How old is Livv Cook?

Ans: Liv Cook is 15.

Ques: Where does Livv Cook live?

Ans: Newport Harbor, California, America.

Ques: Where does Livv Cook study?

Ans: Newport Harbor High School.

Ques: Who are Livv Cook’s parents?

Ans: Don Cook (father).