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Mackenzie Shirilla

Quick Info

Real NameMackenzie Shirilla.
Sentenced for4 counts - Murder.
4 counts-Felonious Assault
2 counts- Aggravated Vehicular Homicide.
1 count-Drug Possession.
1 count-Possessing Criminal Tools.
Sentenced time15 years to life in prison.
Birth Date2004.
Birth PlaceStrongsville, Ohio.
Love Life
BoyfriendLate. Dominic Russo.
ParentsMother: Natalie Shirilla.
Father: John Steven.
SiblingsSister: Danielle Shirilla.
Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 5' 4".
In centimeters: 162 cm.
In meters: 1.62 m.
WeightKg: 49.
Pound: 108.
Social media
SchoolStrongsville High School.


Mackenzie Shirilla Found Guilty

All About Strongsville Woman Mackenzie Shirilla

Mackenzie Shirilla (age 19, born in 2004) is a young woman from Strongsville, Ohio, who got caught up in a terrible incident on July 31, 2022. Back when she was just 17 years old, she was behind the wheel of her 2018 Toyota Camry, and things went horribly wrong.

She was speeding like crazy, going a mind-boggling 100 miles per hour, and smashed right into a building at the Progress Drive Business Park in Strongsville. Tragically, her boyfriend, Dominic Russo (who was 20 at the time), and their friend, Davion Flanagan (only 19), lost their lives in the crash.



Mackenzie Shirilla during court hearing

Mackenzie Planned the Whole Accident

The whole mess started when Mackenzie turned from Pearl Road onto Alameda Drive. She started slowly but hit the gas pedal like there was no tomorrow. The car started wobbling left and right, the steering wheel was jerking around, and just before the crash, the airbags popped out.

Nobody even noticed the crash until about 45 minutes later. A passerby finally saw the wreckage and called for help from police.

When the rescue team arrived, they pulled all three out of the banged-up car. But it was too late for Dominic Russo and Davion Flanagan – pronounced dead at the scene.


Mackenzie Shirilla wikipedia

Mackenzie, though banged up, survived and was rushed to MetroHealth Medical Center. They had to pry her out of the driver’s seat, and she had one of her fuzzy Prada slippers stuck on the gas pedal.

An investigation into the events leading up to the crash revealed that Mackenzie Shirilla, along with Dominic Russo and Davion Flanagan, had spent the preceding night at a friend’s residence, where they had consumed marijuana.



Mackenzie Shirilla killed Dominic Russo

While Shirilla’s blood tested positive for THC, the active component in marijuana, her levels exceeded the legal limit set by Ohio law for impaired driving.

However, Strongsville police and Cuyahoga County prosecutors did not charge her with driving under the influence. They, instead, chose to pursue murder charges.

Earlier that night, Shirilla, Russo, and Flanagan had been at a friend’s house, where they had smoked marijuana. Although THC, the active compound in marijuana, was found in Shirilla’s blood, she wasn’t charged with impaired driving. Instead, she faced more serious charges, including murder.

They found some evidence from Shirilla’s cellphone indicating that she had been near the business park a few days before the crash. Additionally, videos showed arguments between Shirilla and Russo, with threats against Russo’s car.

During her recovery in the hospital, Shirilla exhibited feelings of guilt and sadness, which prosecutors interpreted as signs of her awareness of her actions.




Mackenzie Shirilla sentenced for 15 years

Mackenzie Shirilla Found Guilty 

Mackenzie Shirilla, a young woman who was 17 years old at the time of the incident, has been found guilty of a series of serious charges, including murder and aggravated vehicular homicide.

The incident took place on July 31, 2022, and the victims were identified as Dominic Russo, aged 20, and Davion Flanagan, aged 19.

On August 14, 2023, Shirilla was convicted on a range of charges, including four counts of murder, four counts of felonious assault, and two counts of aggravated vehicular homicide. The verdict was delivered by Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Nancy Margaret Russo in a bench trial.


Strongsville Woman Mackenzie Shirilla

Judge Russo remarked, “This was not reckless driving. This was murder,” underscoring the gravity of the charges and the court’s decision.

During the trial, evidence was presented indicating that Shirilla intentionally drove a vehicle carrying her boyfriend and his friend into a building, causing their deaths. The victims were pronounced dead at the scene of the crash.

Shirilla, who is now 19 years old, was prosecuted as an adult and has been in custody since her arrest in November following the crash. The court’s decision carries an automatic life sentence without the possibility of parole for the next 15 years.



Mackenzie Shirilla with mother Natalie Shirilla and sister

Mackenzie Shirilla’s Parents and Early Life

Mackenzie Shirilla was born in 2004 in a place called Strongsville, Ohio. Her mother’s name is Natalie Shirilla, and she has a sister named Danielle Shirilla.

We don’t know a lot about Mackenzie’s dad because she hasn’t talked about him much. But her mom, Natalie, has shared some memories about Mackenzie’s father, John Steven, on social media occasionally. Even though we don’t hear much about him, he’s a part of their family.



Mackenzie Shirilla childhood

During Mackenzie’s court trial, her mom Natalie said that she was diagnosed with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, or POTS, in 2017.

After the accident in 2022, Mackenzie’s aunt started a GoFundMe page to help raise money for her medical care. The page is still active and has already collected $25,800 out of the $75,000 goal.

Mackenzie Shirilla with boyfriend Dominic Russo

Mackenzie Shirilla Boyfriend and Love Life

Mackenzie Shirilla had a boyfriend named Dominic Russo, and they both went to Strongsville High School. They started dating around 2021, and you can see pictures of them together on Mackenzie’s social media.

They seemed like a happy couple, but something unfortunate happened. Mackenzie was found guilty of causing Dominic’s death on purpose, and a judge said she did it on July 31, 2022.


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Mackenzie Shirilla FAQs

Ques: What is Mackenzie Shirilla’s age?

Ans: As of 2023, she is 19 years old.

Ques: Why has Mackenzie Schirilla been arrested?

Ans: Multiple charges, including the Murder of Dominic Russo and Davion Flanagan.

Ques: How many years is Mackenzie Schirilla sentenced?

Ans: She has been sentenced to 15 years

Ques: Who are Mackenzie Schirilla’s parents?

Ans: Mother: Natalie Shirilla and Father: John Steven.