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Nex Benedict
Quick Info
Real NameNex Benedict.
In NewsKilled by bullies.
Birth DateJanuary 11, 2008.
Birth PlaceEl Paso, Texas, United States.
Lived inOwasso, Oklahoma, America.
Died Aged16.
Died OnFebruary 8, 2024.
Parents (Adoptive)Father: ---
Mother: Sue Benedict.
SiblingsBrothers: Two.
Sisters: Four.
Body Measurements
WeightKg: 48.3.
Pounds: 106.4 lbs.
HeightIn feet: 5' 5".
In centimeters: 165 cm.
In meters: 1.65 m.
SchoolOwasso High School.

All About Non-binary American student Nex Benedict

Nex Benedict (age 16, January 11, 2008 – February 8, 2024) was a student from Oklahoma who tragically died following a bullying incident at Owasso High School on February 7, 2024. Identified as non-binary, Nex reportedly faced harassment, which escalated when they were assaulted by three younger girls in a school restroom.

The circumstances surrounding Nex’s death sparked an investigation. Initially, the Owasso police reported that the medical examiner’s findings did not indicate trauma as the cause of death. However, as of February 25, 2024, final autopsy and toxicology reports were still awaited, leaving the cause of death undetermined.


Nex Benedict Obituary

Nex’s passing garnered nationwide attention, leading to vigils held in their honor across the United States. Activists and civil rights groups linked Nex’s tragic end to broader concerns regarding anti-LGBTQ+ sentiments and policies.

While some Oklahoma officials criticized the media coverage and characterized it as politically motivated, others expressed support for Nex’s community and called for a thorough investigation.

The nation awaits further details to understand the circumstances surrounding Nex’s death and to address the issues of bullying and discrimination faced by LGBTQ+ individuals in schools.



Nex Benedict during admit in hospital

Nex Dies Following Bullying Incident at Owasso High School

Nex Benedict faced severe bullying at Owasso High School, which tragically culminated in their death on February 8, 2024. According to Nex’s mother, Sue Benedict, the bullying persisted for about a year due to Nex’s identity.

On February 7, Nex reported an altercation in the school restroom to a police officer at Bailey Medical Center in Owasso. They described being attacked by others. Sue emphasized that Nex had been enduring constant harassment from three girls, who not only insulted them but also threw objects at them in the days leading up to the incident.

In response to the altercation at school, Sue took action. She took Nex to a nearby hospital for a check-up and contacted the Owasso Police Department around 3:30 p.m. (CT). In the emergency room, a school resource officer had a conversation with the Benedicts.

The officer explained that filing a criminal complaint could result in assault charges for both parties, with Nex potentially being considered the main aggressor for initiating the confrontation. The officer suggested they take some time to think it over, offering to pursue the case the next day if they changed their minds.

Nex was discharged from the hospital later that day but went to bed with a headache. Sadly, on February 8, Nex collapsed in the living room while getting ready for a family appointment. Sue called 911, describing Nex’s alarming condition.

Emergency medical responders arrived and found Nex unresponsive. Despite their efforts, Nex was pronounced dead at the hospital that evening, marking a tragic end to a distressing chapter of bullying and its consequences.

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Nex Benedict died

School’s Hallway Video 

The Owasso Police Department is actively investigating the tragic death of Nex Benedict. Police Chief Dan Yancy stated that they had not received any reports about the incident before being notified by the hospital.

Investigators are speaking with students and school staff to understand if Nex faced any racist behaviors during their time at Owasso High School. As part of the investigation, officials have reviewed a hallway video from inside the school, which shows what happened before and after the incident.

The release of this footage is expected at a later date. On February 23, the Owasso police shared footage from school surveillance cameras, officer-worn body cameras, and audio recordings of the 911 calls made by Sue Benedict on February 7 and 8.

Although initial autopsy findings from the Owasso Police Department suggested that the death was not related to trauma, there is disagreement on this aspect.

The Benedict family is also conducting their own investigation, claiming that there are undisclosed facts about the incident. The community is awaiting further updates as the investigation unfolds.




Non-binary American student Nex Benedict

Nex Had a Troublesome Childhood

Nex Benedict was born on January 11, 2008, in El Paso, Texas. From the start, Nex faced tough times as their biological father gave up parental rights and is currently in prison for abuse.

Since then, Nex has been looked after by their grandmother and adoptive mother, who is a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, helping Nex stay connected to their heritage. Nex grew up in a large family with four sisters and two brothers.

During their childhood, the family lived in the Cherokee Nation reservation in Tulsa. Nex attended Owasso High School in their early years, experiencing life in the community and navigating the dynamics of their family.



Nex Benedict FAQs

Ques: How old was Nex Benedict?

Ans: Nex was16.

Ques: Who killed Nex Benedict?

Ans: Benedict died a day after getting into a bathroom fight.

Ques: Which school did Nex Benedict attend?

Ans: Owasso High School.