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Noelle Rodriguez


Real NameNoelle Rodriguez.
In LimelightSued Rapper Lizzo.
Birth DateOctober 3, 1997.
Birth PlaceSan Antonio, Texas, America.
Lives inLos Angeles, California, United States.
ParentsFather: --
Mother: Rita Serrano.
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Body Measurements
WeightKg: 78.3.
Pounds: 172.6 lbs.
HeightIn feet: 5' 3".
In centimeters: 160.02 cm.
In meters: 1.6 m.
Managed ByBlocLA.


Noelle Rodriguez Wikipedia

All About Lizzo’s Backup Dancer Noelle Rodriguez

Noelle Rodriguez (age: 25, October 3, 1997) is a background dancer experienced with Hollywood stars, including Kim Kardashian. Noelle also modeled for a few clothing brands, including the famous GAP. You might have also seen her in the first season of “Euphoria.”

In August 2023, Noelle came to the limelight after it came out that she had left Lizzo’s squad and sued her. Besides Noelle, two other background singers, Arianna Davis, and Crystal Williams, sued the American rapper.

The accusations that these dancers have made are pretty severe. According to sources, Liz sexually harassed these women and passed body-shaming comments. In this article, you will learn about Noelle and what happened between her and the plus-size singer.



Noelle Rodriguez sued Lizzo

Noelle Rodriguez Filed Lawsuit Against Lizzo

This whole situation is about Noelle Rodriguez taking legal action against Lizzo. It’s because Noelle claims that Lizzo’s work environment was really bad. She says there was s*xual harassment, body shaming, and religious bias going on. In other words, it was not a friendly or welcoming place to work.

One of the main issues is that Lizzo apparently made hurtful comments about her dancers’ bodies, making them feel bad about themselves, especially when their weight changed. She also set unrealistic beauty standards, which made things even worse for them.

This is not just about the entertainment industry; it’s also about how society views body image and self-esteem. Lizzo’s actions affected her dancers and highlighted the pressure people face to conform to certain beauty ideals.

Another problem was that Lizzo seemed to prefer a workplace that was too s*xualized, and this made the dancers uncomfortable. It’s important to have a conversation about where the line should be drawn between artistic expression and creating an uncomfortable environment for others.

The lawsuit also brought up religious discrimination. Apparently, Lizzo allowed a dance team captain to impose their religious beliefs on others and shame dancers for their own choices.



Dancer Noelle Rodriguez

Lizzo Accused of Underpaying Noelle Rodriguez

Rodriguez, Crystal, and Davis are saying that they were not paid fairly while they were part of Lizzo’s European tour. They feel that the money they received from Lizzo and the production company was not enough.

According to them, when they were not performing on the tour, they were only given a small percentage (25%) of their usual pay as a retainer. Additionally, they claim that Lizzo and the company discouraged them from finding other jobs during these off-periods.

Ms. Davis and Ms. Williams, who are part of the group taking legal action, met Lizzo in March 2021 when they were getting ready to appear on the reality TV show “Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls.”



Noelle Rodriguez mother

How Old is Noelle Rodriguez?

On October 3, 1997, Noelle Rodriguez (age 25) was born to her mother, Rita Serrano, in Texas, America. According to sources, Noelle grew up in a warm environment in San Antonio, although we do not know much about her family as she never reveals much about her family.

Rodriguez was relatively young when she devoted much of her life to learning dance and practicing moves. By the time she reached the final year of high school, it was evident in her mind that she wanted to become a dancer, so she began exploring the opportunities.



Noelle Rodriguez with Lizzo

How did Noelle Rodriguez Join Lizzo’s Squad?

Soon after completing her studies, Noelle realized that if she wanted to grow as an artist, she needed to leave her hometown and move to LA – the city of angels. But it did not get easy even after moving to California; soon, the young girl realized the need for a trustworthy talent manager.

After exploring her options, she appointed BlocLA as her talent manager. Soon chances for her to portray her talent came; she performed at numerous concerts as a background dancer and got to meet stars like J Balvin. She even did modeling for clothing brands.


Noelle Rodriguez with J Balvin

Eventually, Lizzo hired Rodriguez after she performed in the music video for the singer’s track Rumors. Noelle thought she grabbed the best opportunity of her life, but it was the opposite.

According to the Texan dancer, Lizzo created a weird environment for all the dance group members. She called them family but occasionally passed comments that hurt Noelle and her colleagues’ religious sentiments.

Liz even hurt the religious feelings of her background dancer; Rodriguez knew it was getting out of hand, so she and two of her fellow dancers sued Lizzo in August 2023.



Noelle Rodriguez Q&A

Ques: When was Noelle Rodriguez born?

Ans: October 3, 1997.

Ques: From where is Noelle Rodriguez?

Ans: San Antonio, Texas, America.

Ques: Who are Noelle Rodriguez’s parents?

Ans: Rita Serrano (mother).

Ques: Where does Noelle Rodriguez live?

Ans: Los Angeles, California, United States.