Who was Pacho El Antifeka? Famous Puerto Rico Rapper Shot Dead

Pacho El Antifeka

Pacho El Antifeka (age:42, March 24, 1981 – June 1, 2023) was a famous Puerto Rican reggaeton and rap singer who was better known worldwide for giving multiple hit songs, including “Tú No Eras Así,” “Me Van a Dar,” “Adicto,” and “Pa’ Morir Se Nace.”

Sadly, on a fateful Thursday, the news of Pacho El Antifeka’s death shook the world. Reports confirmed that the Puerto Rican singer was shot and killed near a shopping center in Bayamón, close to San Juan.


Pacho El Antifeka

Local media, including Telemundo Puerto Rico, relayed this heartbreaking news, revealing that Pacho’s lifeless body was found inside a black 2008 Infiniti EX35 car. The murder occurred near Plaza Tropical, at the intersection of highways 167 and 174.

This shocking incident has left the music industry and fans in deep sorrow. Pacho El Antifeka, whose real name was Neftalí Álvarez Núñez, was a prominent figure in the reggaeton scene, known for his unique voice and provocative songs.



Full NameNeftalí Álvarez Núñez
Stage NamePacho El Antifeka
NationalityPuerto Rican
Career Highlights– Member of duo Pacho & Cirilo
 – Successful solo career
Notable Songs– “Don’t be afraid”
 – “Cuidao”
 – “Como soy”
 – “No te veo”
Collaborations– Wisin & Yandel
 – Arcángel
 – Rauw Alejandro
 – Cirilo
Solo Studio Album“All-Star Game” (2021)
Tragic DeathShot and killed near a shopping center in Bayamón, Puerto Rico
LegacyRemembered as a pioneer of reggaeton with a unique voice and provocative songs



Pacho El Antifeka Childhood

Early Life and Musical Career

Born on March 24, 1981, in Puerto Rico, Pacho El Antifeka embarked on his musical journey during his teenage years. Even before the latter achieved stardom, he crossed paths with Daddy Yankee, playing a pivotal role in propelling reggaeton to global fame.

Pacho’s talent and passion for music shone from an early age, and he soon gained recognition through his partnership with Cirilo.



Pacho El Antifeka and Cirilo Alqaedas

Pacho & Cirilo: A Dynamic Duo

As a duo Pacho & Cirilo member, Pacho El Antifeka reached new heights of success. Their music resonated with fans and contributed to the growth of the reggaeton genre.

Together, they produced electrifying tracks that showcased their artistic chemistry and set them apart in the music industry. Pacho El Antifeka’s unique vocal style and powerful stage presence were instrumental in their joint accomplishments.



Pacho El Antifeka with Daddy Yankee and Bad Bunny

Collaborations and Musical Influence

Pacho El Antifeka collaborated with several esteemed artists throughout his career, further cementing his influence in the music industry. Notable partnerships include collaborations with renowned names like Wisin & Yandel and Lenny Tavárez.

These collaborations allowed Pacho El Antifeka to showcase his versatility as an artist and contributed to the evolution of the reggaeton genre.



Pacho El Antifeka Singing

Pacho El Antifeka’s Solo Career: 2015–2023

After the duo Pacho & Cirilo disbanded in 2015, Pacho El Antifeka embarked on a solo career. Despite facing challenges, he made a name for himself in the music industry.

In 2015, Pacho released the single “Don’t be Afraid,” previewing his second studio album, “The Loyalty.” However, his career was hit when he was arrested for weapon possession, leading to a pause in his music production and the end of the duo.

Undeterred, Pacho El Antifeka continued to create music. While serving his sentence, he recorded songs and collaborated with Kendo Kaponi on the remix of “They Want to kill me.” The recording quality may have been compromised, but it showcased his determination.

In 2017, Pacho made a comeback as a solo artist. He gained recognition through captivating tracks like “Cuidao,” “Como soy,” and “No te veo.” In 2021, he released his only solo album, “All-Star Game,” featuring collaborations with artists like Wisin & Yandel, Arcángel, Rauw Alejandro, and even his former partner, Cirilo.

Pacho El Antifeka’s solo career was a testament to his resilience and passion for music. Though his journey tragically ended in 2023, his contributions to the reggaeton genre will be remembered.



Pacho El Antifeka Shot Dead

Reactions from the Music Industry

The news of Pacho El Antifeka’s tragic demise sent shockwaves through the music industry. Fellow musicians and fans expressed grief and paid heartfelt tributes to the fallen artist.

Rauw Alejandro, Nicky Jam, and Jay Wheeler were among the celebrities who honored Antifeka’s memory, demonstrating the impact he had on their lives and careers.



Pacho El Antifeka Net Worth

Remembering Pacho El Antifeka

Neftalí Álvarez Núñez, popularly known as Pacho El Antifeka, was an esteemed member of the reggaeton community. He captivated audiences with his distinctive voice and daring musical compositions.

Antifeka enjoyed immense popularity within the urban music genre and had a devoted fan base of 686K followers on Instagram.



Daddy Yankee Tribute to Pacho El Antifeka Criollo

Daddy Yankee’s Heartfelt Tribute

One of the most poignant tributes came from Daddy Yankee, who shared a photograph from the past featuring himself, Pacho El Antifeka, and Bad Bunny.

In his tribute, Daddy Yankee expressed his admiration for Pacho’s character, highlighting his qualities of respect, appreciation, honesty, sincerity, and loyalty.

Daddy Yankee fondly remembered their friendship, which began in their youth while they dreamt of success in the music industry. He commended Pacho’s genuine nature and the positive influence he had on his life.



Pacho El Antifeka FAQs

Ques: What happened to Pacho El Antifeka?

Ans: Antifeka was tragically shot and killed.

Ques: Was Pacho El Antifeka Married?

Ans: He had not disclosed.

Ques: What was Pacho El Antifeka’s Net Worth?

Ans: USD 18.97 Million.

Ques: How old was Pacho El Antifeka?

Ans: Pacho died at the age of 42.