Youtuber Rendon Dietzmann Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Parents, Siblings & More

Rendon Dietzmann
Quick Info
Real NameRendon Tyrell Dietzmann.
Internet NameGixxer Brah.
Birth DateNovember 1991.
Birth PlaceTexas, United States.
Lives inJustin, Texas, America.
ParentsFather: Randy Dietzmann.
Mother: Traci Dietzmann.
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Love Life
Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 6' 4".
In centimeters: 193 cm.
In meters: 1.93 m.
WeightKg: 90.
Pounds: 200 lbs.
Net WorthUSD 1.3 Million (Estimated).

All About Youtuber Rendon Dietzmann

Rendon Dietzmann (age 32, born in November 1991) widely known as Gixxer Brah, is an American YouTuber recognized for his high-speed motorcycle content. Unfortunately, Dietzmann has recently faced legal issues due to a controversial video.

In the video, Dietzmann was seen speeding at an alarming 150mph on a Colorado road, covering the distance between Colorado Springs and Denver in just 20 minutes. This dangerous act led to his arrest in Denton County, where he is now dealing with serious charges from law enforcement.

Law enforcement authorities claim that Dietzmann’s reckless actions put numerous lives at risk. This incident is not the first time Dietzmann has faced criticism for his stunts.

Despite his large following of over 250,000 subscribers on YouTube, Dietzmann’s content has drawn both admiration and criticism. He is known for his collection of more than 470 videos featuring superbikes and reckless driving.



Rendon Dietzmann mugshot

Fans Rallying Behind Gixxer Brah

In a September 2023 YouTube sensation, Rendon Dietzmann, also known as Gixxer Brah, gained widespread attention for a viral video showcasing his high-speed ride on a GSX-R750, reaching 150 mph.

The video, which thrilled hundreds of thousands of viewers, was later removed, catching the eye of the Colorado State Patrol. Despite months of evading authorities, Dietzmann faced a turning point in January 2024 when an arrest warrant was issued against him for various legal violations and endangering lives.

It’s worth noting that the road’s speed limit, where Gixxer Brah exceeded 150 mph, was only 65-75 mph. In February, he was arrested on assault charges, leading to his loyal fanbase rallying behind him. Some fans have even contributed funds to his channel to assist in securing bond money.


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Youtube Biker Rendon Dietzmann

How did Rendon Dietzmann became known as Gixxer Brah?

Back when Rendon was just 24, he started his YouTube journey with a video called “2014 GSX-R 750 straight pipe” in October 2015. While his first video got around 6 thousand views, Rendon took a break for a couple of years before returning with his second video.

His second video caught the eye of many viewers, sparking a new motivation in him. Seeing the chance to turn his hobby into a career, Rendon committed to improving his content and sticking to a regular video schedule.

Throughout his time on YouTube, Gixxer Brah shared over 470 videos, all about the thrills of bike riding, adventures, and bold stunts. In November 2019, he shot into the limelight with a viral video where he raced against a McLaren, amassing over 550k views. This moment was pivotal, giving birth to his alter ego, “Gixxer Brah,” a name that quickly became linked with his channel’s identity.



Rendon Dietzmann with his family

Rendon Dietzmann Parents and Siblings

Born in November 1991, Rendon Dietzmann (age 32) is the son of Randy and Traci Dietzmann, hailing from Texas, United States. Rendon, who has 4 brothers, spent his upbringing in Justin, a city situated in Denton County.

Coming from a family with a farming background, Rendon’s early years were shaped by the challenges and joys of rural life.

However, as he grew up, his interests shifted towards the thrilling world of motorcycles. Transitioning from his childhood to adulthood, Rendon’s passion for two-wheelers only deepened.



Rendon Dietzmann FAQs

Ques: How old is Rendon Dietzmann?

Ans: Rendon is 32.

Ques: Have the police arrested Rendon Dietzmann?

Ans: Yes, he was taken into custody in February 2024.

Ques: How tall is Rendon Dietzmann?

Ans: 6 feet 4 inches.