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Rob McCallum


Real NameRob McCallum.
Birth Date1975.
Birth PlaceWhitianga, New Zealand.
Lives inWayland, Massachusetts, United States.
NationalityNew Zealander.
ParentsFather: --
Mother: --
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Love Life
Marital StatusMarried.
KidsSon: Kai McCallum.
Body Measurements
WeightKg: 78.4.
Pounds: 172.8 lbs.
HeightIn feet: 5' 11".
In centimeters: 180.3 cm.
In meters: 1.8 m.
CollegeLincoln University (NZ).
Aberystwyth University.
FounderEYOS Expeditions.
Net worth$6.29 Million.


EYOS Expeditions founder Rob McCallum

Meet EYOS Expeditions Founder Rob McCallum

Rob McCallum (age: 48, born in 1975) is an explorer and the founder of EYOS Expeditions, a company that organizes special expeditions to one of the most challenging places on earth.

He has decades of experience working in this particular field, both as a leader and a submarine specialist. Rob McCallum’s recent presence in the news stems from his warnings about the safety of the Titan submersible, designed by OceanGate.

Having previously consulted for the company, McCallum expressed concerns about the working style and equipment used by OceanGate’s CEO, Stockton Rush.

His assessment led to his departure from the company, as he believed Rush was over-promising and rushing the development of the submersible.



Rob McCallum chat with Stockton Rush

Rob McCallum & Stockton Rush Conversation

McCallum’s recent appearances in the news have been centered around his warnings to Stockton Rush, the late CEO of OceanGate.

As a consultant for OceanGate since its early days in 2009, McCallum was driven to voice his concerns about Rush’s tendencies to over-promise and rush critical aspects of the company’s operations.

In a revealing interview, McCallum reaffirmed his assessment of Rush and OceanGate, expressing the belief that Rush’s working style and equipment choices may have contributed to the disappearance of the Titan submersible.

Drawing from his intimate knowledge of the Titan’s equipment, McCallum expressed doubts about its safety.



Rob McCallum warned the Stockton rush

From Where is Rob McCallum?

Rob McCallum’s journey towards his remarkable career began in Whitianga, North Island, New Zealand, where he was born in 1975. Even as a child, he showed exceptional promise and consistently excelled in school. In 1993, he completed his schooling with outstanding achievements.

Continuing his pursuit of knowledge, McCallum enrolled at Lincoln University, where he studied management and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 1986. Seeking further academic growth, he joined Aberystwyth University and obtained a master’s degree in 1997.


rob mccallum biography

Rob McCallum’s Career

Rob McCallum’s career encompasses a diverse range of experiences and accomplishments. He started his professional journey as a New Zealand park ranger and later worked as a UN Technical Advisor, gaining valuable knowledge of the South Pacific region and its culture.

This period laid the foundation for his future explorations and interactions with remote locations around the world. As a Divemaster, McCallum began leading expeditions to Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, and French Polynesia.

His proficiency in neo-Melanesian languages and deep-water submersible operations further enhanced his expertise.

Notably, he served as the Primary Mission Planner and Expedition Leader for the Five Deeps Expedition, a groundbreaking endeavor that achieved the deepest point of each of the world’s five oceans.


Rob McCallum net worth

Explorations in the Arctic and Antarctic

Rob McCallum’s passion for exploration extended to the polar regions, where he spent significant time guiding and leading expeditions. His expertise in Arctic and Antarctic environments has been invaluable in organizing and executing complex logistical operations.

In particular, McCallum’s involvement in the Ross Sea and his contributions to a complete circumnavigation of Antarctica by icebreaker demonstrate his commitment to pushing boundaries.


Rob McCallum and his son Kai

Who is Rob McCallum’s Wife?

Rob enjoys a perfect married life. As per sources, he has a son named Kai, although we do not know anything about his wife due to scarce information.

Sources added that the founder of EYOS Expeditions does not feel comfortable sharing details about his family. Upon searching a bit, we found Rob’s Instagram account (@robdmccallum), which only has a couple of photos.



Rob McCallum Q&A

Ques: How old is Rob McCallum?

Ans: 48 (as of 2023).

Ques: Is Rob McCallum present on Instagram?

Ans: Yes (@robdmccallum).

Ques: What is Rob McCallum’s nationality?

Ans: New Zealander.

Ques: Who is the founder of EYOS Expeditions?

Ans: Rob McCallum.