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Shanda Vander Ark
Quick Info
Real NameShanda Vander Ark.
In NewsSentenced to life.
Birth Date1979.
Birth PlaceHuntsville, Alabama, America.
Love Life
Estranged HusbandAdam Ferguson.
KidsLate. Timothy Ferguson.
Paul Ferguson.
Nolan Ferguson.
Millie Ferguson.
Social Media
Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 5' 4".
In centimeters: 162.5 cm.
In meters: 1.625 m.
SchoolHuntsville High School.
CollegeCooley Law School.
Liberty University.
Work ExperienceWestern Michigan University Cooley Law School (2019 - 2023).
Criminal Record
Sentenced toLife Behind Bars.

All About Timothy Ferguson’s Mother Shanda Vander Ark

Shanda Vander Ark (age 44, born in 1979), a graduate teacher from Cooley Law School in Michigan, has been sentenced to spend the rest of her life in prison without parole.

This severe punishment comes as a result of her horrifying mistreatment of her special needs son, Timothy Ferguson, who tragically passed away at the age of 15 in July 2022, weighing only 69 pounds.

Shanda’s cruel actions involved subjecting Timothy to punishment that included making him eat bread soaked in hot chili sauce and forcing him to sleep in a closet with just a tarp for warmth.

This disturbing pattern of abuse was revealed during the trial, where Shanda tried to justify her actions by claiming she was disciplining her son and blaming the tragic outcome on his behavior.

However, Judge Matthew Kacel saw through Shanda’s excuses, dismissing them as lies. He firmly asserted that Shanda intentionally and systematically tortured the vulnerable child. As a result, she has been sentenced to spend the rest of her life in prison, with no chance of parole.




Shanda Vander Ark mugshot

Shanda’s Shocking Behaviour Towards Timothy

Timothy, who faced mental disabilities and was being homeschooled, endured months of relentless mistreatment orchestrated by his own mother and older brother, Paul Ferguson.

The disturbing details of the abuse came to light during the trial. Timothy was consistently fed hot sauce, restrained with shackles and zip ties, and subjected to sleep deprivation.

Shanda Vander Ark also instructed Paul Ferguson, facing one count of first-degree child abuse, to torment his younger brother with frozen pizza rolls and pour hot sauce on the boy’s genitals.


Shanda Vander Ark's eldest child Paul Ferguson
Paul Ferguson

Among Timothy’s regular torments were ice baths, with Paul testifying that he left Timothy in a freezing tub for four hours just before the tragic death, following Shanda Vander Ark’s instructions.

Images presented in court depicted Timothy Ferguson’s lifeless body, revealing bruises and ribs nearly visible through his emaciated skin. The shocking sight led Vander Ark to vomit during her final testimony.


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Timothy Ferguson's Mother Shanda Vander Ark

Shanda Vander Ark Sentenced to Life Without Parole

During the trial, Shanda Vander Ark shared her personal challenges, especially regarding her husband, Adam, who became paralyzed after a stroke in January 2022.

The defense argued that Vander Ark struggled to remember the events leading to her son’s death on July 6, 2022, citing mental health issues like ADHD, sensory processing disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Vander Ark also claimed to be dealing with PTSD after her husband’s stroke. Prosecutor Matt Roberts challenged her memory lapses during cross-examination, pointing to a text expressing concerns about hot sauce on Timothy’s genitals.

In a poignant moment during sentencing, Judge Kacel displayed a photo of the smiling Timothy, emphasizing the desire to honor the boy’s dignity.

Shanda, in jail attire, chose not to speak, receiving a life sentence without parole. An extra 50 to 100 years for first-degree child abuse was added, exceeding guidelines due to Timothy’s prolonged suffering.

Vander Ark’s elder son, Paul Ferguson, who pleaded guilty in December, awaits sentencing in late February.



Shanda Vander Ark wikipedia

Shanda Vander Ark Family Background

In 1979, Shanda Vander Ark (age 44) was born in Alabama, United States. According to sources, Shanda spent her childhood in Huntsville where she attended Huntsville High School.

In 1996 she graduated from Huntsville High School and joined Liberty University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies. In 2018 she enrolled at Cooley Law School earning her Juris Doctor -Law.

After completing her college Shanda joined Western Michigan University Cooley Law School where she worked at various posts.

We learned that Ark was married to a man named Adam, whose life was altered by a stroke in 2022, confining him to a wheelchair. After marrying Adam, Shanda gave birth to five kids including Nolan, Paul, Millie, and Late. Timothy.



Shanda Vander Ark FAQs

Ques: How old is Shanda Vander Ark?

Ans: Shanda is 44.

Ques: How did Timothy Ferguson die?

Ans: Timothy died of malnourishment and hypothermia.

Ques: Which college did Shanda Vander Ark attend?

Ans: She attended Cooley Law School and Liberty University.