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Taylor Schabusiness


Real NameTaylor Schabusiness.
Recognized asShad Thyrion's Killer.
Birth DateNovember 23, 1997.
Birth PlaceWisconsin, United States.
ParentsFather: --
Mother: --
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Love Life
Marital StatusMarried.
KidsSon: Mateo.
Body Measurements
WeightKg: 54.4.
Pounds: 120 lbs.
HeightIn feet: 5' 2".
In centimeters: 157.48 cm.
In meters: 1.57 m.
SchoolBay Port High School.


Taylor Schabusiness Wikipedia

All About Wisconsin Woman Taylor Schabusiness

Taylor Schabusiness (age: 25, November 23, 1997) is a Wisconsin native accused of beheading and dismembering her lover – Shad Thyrion, during a drug-fueled sex act, leaving behind a scene reminiscent of a horror movie, police say.

Reportedly, Schabusiness was found with his body parts in a crockpot box after the victim’s mother discovered his head inside a bucket at her house, according to police. On February 14, 2023, Taylor again became a topic of talk after she attacked her lawyer during a court appearance.

Recently Taylor made headlines due to the testimony in Schabusiness Vs.—the State of Wisconsin case, which began on July 24, 2023.



Shad Thyrion killer Taylor Schabusiness

What Happened Between Taylor Schabusiness & Shad Thyrion?

The gruesome details surrounding the crime unfolded during the trial of Taylor Schabusiness, who was identified as the perpetrator of this heinous act. The tragedy began when the Green Bay Police Department received a distressing call in the early morning.

The caller later revealed to be Shad Thyrion’s mother, reported finding a human head inside a bucket in the basement of her house. The officer who arrived at the scene was horrified to see the incapacitated head sitting in the bucket.

Taylor, the native of Wisconsin, became the prime suspect in the murder investigation. Known to be the girlfriend of the victim, she had a complicated relationship with Shad Thyrion, which raised suspicions among family members.



Taylor Schabusiness testimony

Arrest & Interrogation

Investigations revealed that Shad Thyrion was last seen alive with Taylor Schabusiness, his girlfriend. The couple spent an entire day in the basement before the fateful night, raising further suspicion about their unusual behavior.

Taylor’s minivan parked outside the house became another vital clue, as it was later confirmed to be connected to the crime. Upon interrogation, Taylor Schabusiness confessed to the shocking murder of Shad Thyrion.

Her confession revealed that methamphetamine was involved, and she admitted to engaging in dangerous sexual practices with the victim.


Taylor Schabusiness is a Jeffrey Dahmer fan

She described how she brutally strangled Shad, who tragically did not succumb to the initial attack. She then proceeded to use knives from the victim’s mother’s kitchen to dismember the body, displaying a disturbing lack of remorse.

The investigation also revealed that Taylor is a fan of the Milwaukee serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, who was responsible for taking numerous innocent lives. What she did to Schabusiness signals that she maintains the same mentality Jeffrey had.



Taylor Schabusiness attacking her lawyer

Attacked Her Lawyer

On February 14, 2023, Schabusiness was in court for a pre-trial hearing when she suddenly attacked her attorney, Quinn Jolly, according to a trusted platform. Video shows Schabusiness lunging at Jolly while the two sat at the defense table in Judge Thomas Walsh’s courtroom in Brown County.

She was then taken down to the ground by deputies. According to our sources, Walsh had just ordered a delay to start Schabusiness’ trial, which was scheduled to begin on March 6. She has pleaded not guilty because of a mental disease or defect.



Wisconsin Woman Taylor Schabusiness

Taylor Schabusiness Parents

On November 23, 1997, Taylor Schabusiness (age 25)was born in Wisconsin, United States. Not much is known about Taylor’s parents, although sources claim that she has Native American heritage.

It is believed that she grew up in Green Bay, where she attended Bay Port High School, although she did not complete school and later dropped out.



Taylor Schabusiness husband Warren

Taylor Schabusiness Husband & Love Life

According to sources, Taylor Schabusiness is married to a person named Warren. Additional reports revealed that Warren is currently in jail due to an unrelated crime. The duo also has a son named Mateo.

Considering Schabusiness’ troubling psychological state Mateo was taken by authorities. She has a Facebook account that is currently active; you can visit and see some social media posts which indicate she is not an average person.



Taylor Schabusiness Q&A

Ques: When was Taylor Schabusiness born?

Ans: November 23, 1997.

Ques: From where is Taylor Schabusiness?

Ans: Wisconsin, United States.

Ques: When did Taylor Schabusiness kill Shad Thyrion?

Ans: February 23, 2022.

Ques: Does Taylor Schabusiness have any children?

Ans: She has a son named Mateo.