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UFC Fighter Themba Gorimbo Wikipedia


Real NameThemba T Lawrence Gorimbo.
NicknameThe Answer.
ProfessionMMA Fighter.
Birth DateJanuary 23, 1991.
Birth PlaceBikita ,Masvingo, Zimbabwe.
Lives inMiami.
Father: --
Mother --
Both Died.
Love Life
Girlfriend | Wife--
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Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 6' 1".
In centimeters: 185 cm.
In meters: 1.85 m.
WeightKg: 77.
Pounds: 170 lbs.
HairBlack (short).
Net WorthYet to be made.


Themba Gorimbo In Gym

All About UFC Fighter Themba Gorimbo

Themba Gorimbo (age: 32, January 23, 1991) is a Zimbabwean Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter who gained fame for his skills and determination in the sport. His journey in the world of MMA began in 2010, inspired by the movie “Never Back Down.”


Gorimbo’s hard work and dedication paid off, and he turned pro in 2013. In February 2023, he made his UFC debut, though it ended in a loss via submission to AJ Fletcher. Nevertheless, this setback didn’t deter him, and he continued to make a name for himself in the MMA community.

As one of the most promising MMA prospects from Africa, Gorimbo showcased his skills in South Africa’s Extreme Fighting Championship, where he became the welterweight champion. His professional record stands at an impressive 9-2, a testament to his talent and determination in the octagon.


Themba Gorimbo with Dwayne Johnson

What’s even more impressive is that he caught the attention of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the famous movie star and wrestler.

The Rock heard about Themba’s tough times, where he had only $7 to his name, and it reminded him of his own struggles before he became successful.

So, in a heartwarming gesture, The Rock surprised Themba at his gym and gave him his very own place to live! Imagine going from living in a gym to having a comfortable home. Themba was overjoyed and promised The Rock that he would become a champion.



MMA Fighter Themba Gorimbo Wikipedia

Themba Gorimbo Parents & Tough Time

Themba Gorimbo was born in Zimbabwe on January 23, 1991, and had a challenging childhood. He became an orphan at a young age when his mother passed away when he was just nine, and his father died when he was 13. His cousin cared for him and his siblings, but life was difficult.

When he turned 16, Themba started doing something dangerous to make money. He went into fields and illegally mined diamonds, and then he would smuggle them. It was risky, and once, he was almost killed by the police and their dogs. He was left with scars all over his body from that incident.

In Zimbabwe, there was a severe drought, and there wasn’t enough food for people to eat. That’s when Themba decided to cross the border into South Africa. It was a big decision, and crossing the border was dangerous. The first time he tried, he got caught and was sent back to Zimbabwe.


Themba Gorimbo Also a Donor

But Themba didn’t give up. He tried again and managed to get into South Africa. Life was still hard, and he had to live on the streets of Johannesburg. He did odd jobs, like giving out fliers to earn a little money for food.

Gorimbo’s life took a turn when he discovered Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) at 19 after watching the film “Never Back Down” in 2008.

Realizing that fighting ran in his family’s blood, he decided to pursue a career in MMA. His first fight came only three months after starting his training, and he secured a victory with a seven-second knockout.



UFC Fighter Themba Gorimbo Wikipedia

Themba Gorimbo MMA Career

Themba Gorimbo is a prominent figure in South Africa’s MMA community, and his journey in the sport began in 2010. Inspired by the movie “Never Back Down,” he pursued a career in mixed martial arts. By 2013, he had turned professional and started making a name for himself in the fighting circuit.

Gorimbo has had several notable fights throughout his career, showcasing his skills and determination. Some of his victories include defeating Sydney Mokgolo, Juan Lubbe, Chimmy van Winkel, Chaz Wasserman, and Alex Cheboub in various events organized by EFC Africa.


Themba Gorimbo height

However, he also faced some tough opponents and experienced a loss against Leon Mynhardt in a match at EFC Worldwide 44. Despite this setback, Gorimbo remained undeterred and continued to work hard on his fighting abilities.

In 2016, he secured a win against Joe Cummins at EFC Worldwide 49, displaying his resilience and talent. Not every fight went as planned, as he had to deal with cancellations, including bouts against Lyle Karam and Maurício da Rocha Jr.


Themba Gorimbo Won UFC Belt

In May 2019, he faced Maurício da Rocha Jr. again at EFC Worldwide 79, and this time he emerged victorious with a unanimous decision. Gorimbo continued to shine in subsequent fights, defeating opponents like Luke Michael and Lyle Karam with his impressive skills.

In October 2021, Gorimbo faced Handesson Ferreira at UAE Warriors 24 and experienced another loss via unanimous decision. However, he didn’t let this setback define him. In June 2022, he secured a win against Julio Rodrigues at Fury FC 65: Weems vs. Miller, proving his resilience again.


Themba Gorimbo Vs Takashi Sato

His journey to the UFC was realized in February 2023, when he debuted in the organization. Though he faced a submission loss to AJ Fletcher, Gorimbo remained determined to prove himself as a fighter.

After working with the MMA Masters crew in Florida, Gorimbo showed immense improvement in his next fight against Takashi Sato at UFC Fight Night in May 2023. Despite losing via a guillotine choke in the second round, he demonstrated his growth as a fighter and expressed his unwavering commitment to success.



Themba Gorimbo FAQs

Ques: What is Themba Gorimbo’s age?

Ans: He is 32 years old.

Ques: What is Themba Gorimbo’s height?

Ans: He is 6 feet 1 inches tall.

Ques: Is Themba Gorimbo Married?

Ans: He remains silent about his love life.

Ques: What is Themba Gorimbo’s Net worth?

Ans: In his last UFC triumph, he garnered $12,000 in base pay and an extra $4,000 in incentive pay.


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