Jenny Hannigan Arrested at Trump Trial


Who is Jenny Hannigan? Court Employee Arrested for Approaching Trump at Civil Fraud Trial

Jenny Hannigan, Trump Trial

A 37-year-old court employee in New York, Jenny Hannigan, has found herself in quite a predicament following a highly dramatic outburst during President Donald Trump’s ongoing civil fraud trial at the Manhattan Supreme Court.


Arrest and Charges

Jenny Hannigan was arrested on Wednesday, October 18, 2023, and charged with contempt of court for causing a significant disturbance in the courtroom. Witnesses reported that she “stood up and walked towards the front of the courtroom yelling out to Mr. Trump.” Her actions certainly created quite a commotion within the courtroom.


Previous Encounters with the Law

Accoring to NYPOST, This is not the first time Jenny Hannigan has had trouble with the law. Back in 2015, she was arrested after an incident at a Brooklyn gas station. Reports suggest that during this altercation, she damaged a credit card machine and was subsequently charged with resisting arrest, indicating a pattern of confrontational behavior.

Two years earlier, Hannigan filed a federal lawsuit against Nassau County police officers, alleging she was sexually assaulted in the back of a police car during a DUI arrest in 2011. The allegations were disturbing, with Officer Gary Zima facing accusations of inappropriate conduct. Although the internal investigation did not reach a definitive conclusion on the assault allegation, Zima was criticized for sending text messages to Hannigan days after her arrest, asking about her well-being.

Subsequently, court records revealed that Hannigan reached an undisclosed settlement with Nassau County and the police department in February 2016.


Courtroom Chaos

During the incident in the Manhattan courtroom, Hannigan caused a scene shortly before noon. She attempted to approach the former president, who was seated with his legal team at the defense table. Quick-thinking court officers prevented her from reaching him. While there are conflicting accounts of what she said, witnesses outside the courtroom reported hearing her cry, “Help me! Save me!” as officers restrained her.

In the aftermath, Hannigan openly declared her support for Donald Trump, asserting her right to be there as an American citizen and a court employee.


Administrative Leave and Legal Consequences

As a result of her disruptive actions, Jenny Hannigan was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. She was also banned from entering state court buildings. The charges filed against her include one count of second-degree contempt of court, for which she was issued a desk appearance ticket.


Community Reactions

Neighborhood residents, including Ken Larson, expressed astonishment over Hannigan’s unexpected arrest. Larson described her as a “lovely woman” and a “very lovely person,” highlighting that her actions inside the courtroom were very much out of character.

The strange incident involving Jenny Hannigan continues to baffle many, leaving questions about what might have triggered her explosive outburst during President Trump’s trial.



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