Noah Ney


Who is Noah Ney? 16 Year Old Sentenced to 50 Years Behind Bars for Drive By Shooting

Noah Ney

Noah Ney ’16’ with his baby faced, has been sentenced to a jaw-dropping fifty years in prison for a heinous crime that rocked Tulsa in 2022. Ney was sentenced as an adult, was found guilty of shooting a defenseless five-year-old girl in the neck as part of a brutal gang initiation. The Tulsa community and its leaders are breathing a sigh of relief, believing that the community is now safer with Ney behind bars.


Ney’s Troubled Past

Noah Ney had a criminal record dating back to his middle school years, but his most notorious act was the shooting of a five-year-old girl in April of last year. The court heard that this senseless act was an initiation rite into the notorious Hoover Crips gang, a decision that would haunt him for the rest of his life. Ney faced a litany of charges, including firearm and drug possession, and shooting with intent to kill, stemming from this tragic incident.


Noah Ney 16 Year Old Sentenced to 50 Years Behind Bars for Drive By Shooting

Escape and Re-Arrest

Ney’s descent into infamy didn’t end there. Just two months ago, he executed a daring escape from a Tulsa juvenile detention center, where he had assaulted staff, flooded his cell, and even smeared feces on the walls. Authorities were horrified by his violent behavior and, as a result, he was once again sentenced, this time for his escape. According to Fox 23 News, Ney was sentenced to an additional year for his audacious breakout.

Assistant Tulsa County District Attorney, Morgan Medders, said, “I have treatment records in a packet thicker than a dictionary showing treatment attempts that he rejected, by escaping or assaulting staff that were there to help him.”


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Noah Ney’s Sentencing

During the sentencing, witnesses and evidence laid bare Ney’s turbulent past, providing a chilling glimpse into his life. Reports from KTUL suggest that Ney could be eligible for a judicial review hearing in five years, which might lead to a reduction in his sentencing. However, for now, the court has spoken, and Noah Ney will spend the next five decades behind bars.



Ney’s Initial Crime

Noah Ney’s initial crime shook Tulsa to its core. According to DailyMail, Noah Ney was arrested in April 2022 after he shot a 5-year-old girl while she was at her North Rockford Avenue residence. Ney aimed to join the Hoover Crips gang, and in doing so, caused severe injuries to the young girl.

Attorney Morgan Medders highlighted the gravity of the situation, saying that “a difference of an inch or two” could have resulted in the girl’s death. Ney’s criminal record, which began during his middle school years, would prove to be an ominous precursor to his life of crime.



Daring Escape and Re-Arrest

In a shocking twist, Ney managed to escape from a Tulsa juvenile correctional facility in August of this year. News On 6 reported that Ney received help from another inmate named Ja’Koby Golston. The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office issued a public safety alert, and Ney was on the run for three days before being apprehended outside a convenience store.

Sergeant Scott Streeter recounted the arrest, saying, “We came around the corner between us and Tulsa Police Department, got him surrounded, and were able to take him in. I think he thought about running, he turned around but everyone was all sides of him so he laid down on the ground and gave up.”



Noah Ney’s Troubled Past

Noah Ney’s family members painted a grim picture of his life during the recent sentencing. His aunt revealed that his childhood was far from normal, and his mother attested to his cruelty towards both humans and animals.

Attorney Morgan Medders disclosed shocking testimony, stating, “A neighbor testified to Noah causing havoc in the neighborhood by wearing gang colors and carrying guns and knives, and often pulling them on neighbors while threatening them.” Many of Ney’s family members were present at the hearing, standing by him throughout his extensive juvenile history.




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