Who Was Ian Coates? Third Victim in Nottingham Attack

Ian Coates

Nottingham Attack Victim Ian Coates

Ian Coates (age: 60s, Death date: June 13, 2023), a dedicated caretaker at Huntington Academy, tragically lost his life in the Nottingham attack on Tuesday.

As we delve into the life and contributions of Ian, we honor his memory and the impact he had on the school community.

This article serves as a tribute to a beloved individual who will always be remembered for his kindness, dedication, and commitment to his role.



The Nottingham Attack and Ian Coates’ Death

On June 13, 2023, tragedy struck when a series of attacks occurred in Nottingham. Two 19-year-old university students, Grace Kumar and Barnaby Webber, were fatally stabbed by the same assailant. Unfortunately, Ian Coates became the third victim of these brutal attacks.

Ian was found fatally stabbed in Magdala Road in the early hours of Tuesday, shortly after the assailant had taken the lives of the two students. The shocking incident left the community in disbelief and mourning the loss of a dedicated caretaker.



The Suspect and the Investigation

Following the attack on Ian Coates, the suspect is believed to have stolen his van and subsequently driven it at pedestrians on Milton Street.

The authorities swiftly responded, using a Taser to apprehend the driver. A 31-year-old man, reportedly a West African migrant with a history of mental health issues, was taken into custody on suspicion of murder. The arrest offered some semblance of relief to a community plagued by fear and uncertainty.


Victim Ian Coates with grandson

Ian Coates: The Caretaker at Huntington Academy

Ian Coates, in his 60s, dedicated his time and efforts as a caretaker at Huntington Academy, a primary school in Nottingham.

He was a beloved and respected member of the staff, known for his dedication and commitment to creating a safe and nurturing environment for the students.

Ian played an essential role in maintaining the school premises, ensuring that the learning environment was conducive for all.


Impact on the School Community

The loss of Ian Coates deeply affected the school community at Huntington Academy as news of his untimely death spread, and students, teachers, and parents struggled to accept the tragic events.

Ian was remembered as a cherished member of staff who played an integral role in the lives of the students he served.

Diana Owen, the chief executive of the L.E.A.D. Academy Trust expressed her shock and sadness at the news.

She extended her condolences to Ian Coates’ family and friends, acknowledging the pain and sorrow they were experiencing during this difficult time.


Nottingham Attack Victim Ian Coates

Ian Coates Family & Grandson

While it is unfortunate that Ian Coates’ family has not come forward in the media, there are pictures that suggest he was a family-oriented individual who enjoyed fishing with his grandson.

Though specific details about his family may not be readily available, the presence of pictures showcasing his love for spending time with his grandson while engaging in fishing activities is a testament to his role as a caring family person.

These images depict a loving and caring side of Ian, showcasing his bond with his family and the joy they shared during their fishing with his family.




Ques: Who was Ian Coates?

Ans: Ian was a dedicated caretaker at Huntington Academy.

Ques: What happened to Ian Coates?

Ans: He tragically lost his life in the Nottingham attacks.

Ques: Who was the suspect in Ian Coates’ murder?

Ans: A 31-year-old man with a history of mental health issues.

Ques: Who were the victims of the Nottingham attacks?

Ans: The victims of the Nottingham attacks were Grace Kumar, Barnaby Webber, and Ian Coates.

Ques: What was Ian Coates’s age?

Ans: He was in his 60’s.