A brief history of establishment international Faith and Light

Faith and Light was born following a pilgrimage to Lourdes at Easter 1971 . this pilgrimage was initiated by Jean Vanier  and  Marie-Hélène Mathieu . 12 000 pilgrims from 18 countries, 4 000 of whom were persons with an intellectual disability. The main aim of this pilgrimage was that to find the place of people  with intellectual disability and their parents in church and society .

On their return , they continued to meet on a regular basis in small communities for a gathering of friendship , prayer and festivity  . the communities multiplied throughout the whole world .

Today more than 1500 communities of Faith and Light are developing in 77 countries  and  day by day the number of these communities is increasing .

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A brief history of establishment Faith and Light in Urmia

Faith and Light was born in Urumiyeh  in 1367 (1988 ) with accompaniment 4 person and also by helping of  Sister Margarita (spiritual sister) . at first these persons looked for parents that had  children with mental disability . at the beginning  they faced with many problems because at first some of families not accepted them . It is necessary to mention that Sister Bernarde that was the responsible of Faith and Light in  Tehran at that time,  helped  and supported  them a lot with her advice.

The member of community by making and sale the Christmas Cards they earned initial funding to do their activity . they introduced the community in the church and also society . with the arrival of new friends they developed their activity and choose the name oh HOPE for it .

Many thanks for all friend , parents and also sister Bernarda , those who have tried for the community during all these years .

Also we have special thanks of sister Margarita that was an accompanier with the community in all moments .

Sister Childrens Picture


Faith and Light Prayer

Jesus, you came into our world
to reveal the Father to us, your Father and our Father.
You came to teach us to love one another.
Give us the Holy Spirit,
according to your promise,
so that he will make us
instruments of peace and unity,
in this world of war and division.
Jesus you have called us to follow you
in a community of Faith and Light,
We want to say « yes » to you.
We want to live in a covenant of love
in this big family you have given us,
where we can share
our sufferings and difficulties,
our joys and our hope.
Teach us to accept our wounds,
our weakness
so that your power may be revealed.
Teach us to find you
in all our brothers and sisters
especially in those who are the weakest.
Teach us to follow you
in the ways of the Gospel.
Jesus come and live in us and in our communities
as you first lived in Mary.
She was the first to welcome you in herself.
Help us to be faithfully present, with her, at the foot of the cross,
near the crucified of the world.
Help us to live your Resurrection.